Student Clubs

Technical Clubs

IEEE-­SJCE is a student branch of the international institute, IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers: IEEE­-SJCE was established in the year 1991. Since then it is in the fore­front of providing technical education to students & bridging the gap between the academia and industry. With more than 100 IEEE members and numerous volunteers, IEEE­-SJCE is one of the most active and highly respected technical clubs of SJCE. IEEE­-SJCE members are spread over different streams of engineering such as EC, EEE, CS, IS, IT and BT. Its activity is not just restricted to SJCE, it has even served many students outside of SJCE. In recognition of its efforts, IEEE-­SJCE was awarded the “Best Student Branch” in India for the year 2003-­04.

IEEE-­SJCE conducts various activities throughout the year to enhance the skills of students. Some of the most popular workshops conducted by IEEE­-SJCE till date are Robotics, Vacation Project Mania (VPM), Soldering & Etching, LATEX, Blender, Networks, Snap Circuits, Web Design Mania etc. IEEE-­SJCE also provides scholarships to students to encourage students to be a part of IEEE.

IEEE­-SJCE conducts 2 main technological fests: Tuxedo & Cyberia.

Linux Campus Club (LCC), is a non-profit technical organization under the department of Computer Science and Engineering, JSS S&T University Mysuru, India; headed by Dr. H.C. Vijayalakshmi and supported by principal of JSS S&T University Dr. T N Nagabhushan. Now in its decennial year, the main aim of the organization is to spread awareness about free and open source software among the students of JSS S&T University and is run by the students themselves. We encourage students to make the transition from proprietary software to FOSS (Free and Open Source Software).

At the beginning of every academic year, registrations are opened for LCC, and students across all the departments are encouraged to join the club. The first step we take towards fostering the use of free and open source software among the students is to distribute customized linux installation DVDs to all the members soon after the membership drive. An installation session is conducted to guide the members through the installation step by step.

To familiarize the students with linux, sessions are conducted regularly by the members themselves on basic linux features, various languages such as python and tools like lex and yacc. We are ever ready to help students in any topic related to their curriculum as well by conducting sessions on demand. We also conduct talks by members of the open source community and workshops to facilitate hands on experience to supplement the sessions conducted.

The Computer Society of India (CSI) – SJCE Student Chapter has been instrumental in promoting expertise in the field of Information Technology. Some of our activities include – Encouraging industry-institute interaction through various presentations, Acquainting the students with the latest technology in the industry by organizing guest lectures and talks, Organizing courses and workshops for students about topics related in the field of Information Technology.

CSI – SJCE student chapter will organizes an introductory event, famously called as ‘Enigma’. The event is organized with a sole purpose for juniors to learn about CSI-SJCE student chapter and kick off annual registration drive. The student juniors (who are in 1st and 2nd year) will be introduced to various events that will be held under CSI SJCE Chapter.

Every academic year we are experiencing a spectacular rise in participation and involvement of all students. Hence, we are conducting an annual technical event called ‘Technologix’. Technologix will be collaborated with many academic and corporate sectors to pull the various resource persons to involve in various CSI activities. Previous Technologix saw collaboration with SAP, Redhat, Allgos, Myra Business School and many other industries as title sponsors. Amidst this technical extravaganza, many events like: Code runners, Manifesto, Kayaka, Torpedo, Algorithm, Hold your motive, Wall Street will be organized.

PACE Achievement 2018. Download information here.

Non Technical Clubs

The Editorial Board is responsible for bringing out the annual college magazine Jayzine, and conducting the annual literary fest || shabd ||. The Board has members from various departments, selected through a rigorous and unusual recruitment process and are also responsible for conducting many debates and discussions in the campus.

Check out their website for more details.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word adventure?

For us its Sahas!

This adventure club was started to allow the youth of SJCE to engage in and enjoy adventure sports.

That little seed has now grown into a bigger tree and has branched into many prosperous aspects. Sahas has successfully organised several one day treks, rock climbing activities, rappelling, rafting and 5 day aqua and terrestrial camps.

The club aims to encourage students to step outside their comfort zone and take on a challenge that they wouldn’t otherwise. Sahas not only wants to build strong individuals but also works towards making the students more aware of nature and the importance and beauty of it.

Sparsh is a techno cultural club of JSS STU (SJCE).“Sparsh talk” is the event conducted by Sparsh where the stars speak and the students hear.


The official photography club of JSS Science and Technology University (formerly SJCE). 
The club focuses on promoting amateur photographers of SJCE.

A versatile group of theatre and screen artists striving to do what they do best, ACT

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