About Myself: C K Roopa currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Science & Engineering, JSS Science & Technology University (Formerly SJCE), Mysore. Doing my research on Analysis and Interpretation of Cardiac Diseases using ECG in machine learning. https://www.researchgate.net/profile/C_K_Roopa

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B.E., M.Tech. (Ph.D)

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Working on Analysis and Interpretation of Cardiac Diseases using Heart Signal and Image.

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Machine Learning And Image Procesing

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1.A Survey on various Machine Learning Approaches for ECG Analysis

2.Classification of ECG Arrhythmia using symbolic dynamics through fuzzy clustering neural network

3.A Novel Method of Clustering ECG Arrhythmia data using Robust Spatial Kernel Fuzzy C-Means

4.An Empirical Evaluation of Savitzky-Golay (SG) Filter for Denoising ST Segment

5.Interpretation of ecg using Modified Intuitionistic Fuzzy C-means clustering for arrhythmia data


Information Science