Currently working as  Assistant professor in Department of Mathematics, actively involved in research and guiding one   Ph.d student (VTU), his area of research  Complex function theory. Membership of Professional Bodies: 1. Indian Society of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences, Gorakhpur (UP). 2. Member of FORUM D’ANALYSTES, Madras. 3. Indian Mathematical Society, Jablpur (MP). 4. Jangjeon Mathematical Society, South Korea.

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B Sc-Yuvaraja's College
M Sc (Mathematics) -Manasagangotri, University of Mysore.
Ph.D -Manasagangotri, University of Mysore.

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Research Interests

Complex function theory, Differentail equations.

List of Publication

1. Convolution conditions for analytic functions in Generalized Pinchuk and Generalized
Moulis classes, H. L. Shivarudrappa and S. Latha, South East Asian J.Math. and
Math. Sc., 3(2), 2005, pp 67-71.
2. Partial sums of some meromorphic functions, H. L. Shivarudrappa and S. Latha, Jour-
nal of Inequalities in pure and applied mathematics, vol. 7, Issue 4, Article 140
(ISSN: 1443-5756), (2006). Impact Factor: 0.6
3. A note on coefficient estimates for a class of analytic functions, H. L. Shivarudrappa and
S. Latha, Advances in Inequalities for series (2008),pp 147-152.(ISBN 1-60021-920-9).
Impact Factor: 0.7
4. Radius of λ-convexity for p-valent starlike functions of order-α, H. L. Shivarudrappa and
S. Latha, International J. of Math. Sci. & Engg. Appls. (IJMSEA) (ISSN: 0973-9424),
Vol. 4 No. II (June, 2010), pp(67-72). Impact Factor: 0.4
5. Certain Interesting Results on Meromorphic Functions, H. L. Shivarudrappa and S.
Latha , International Mathematical Forum, 5, no. 40, 1965-1971 (ISSN: 1312-7594),
(2010). Impact Factor: 0.32
6. A note on S AL
type of functions with varying arguments, H. L. Shivarudrappa,
International Journal Of Physical Sciences, vol.22(2)M,577-582 (ISSN: 0970-9150),
(June, 2010). Impact Factor: 0.8