Dr. K. S. Lokesh, Professor in the Dept. of Environmental Engineering, received his Bachelor of Engineering (1982) in “Civil Engineering” from Bangalore University, M.Tech (1987) from IIT, Kanpur in Environmental Engineering and Ph.D. (1996) from IIT, Roorkee. His areas of specialization are Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment, WATSAN Management, Water Quality Modeling, Environmental Economics, Ecological Sanitation & Environmental Biotechnology.

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Education Qualification (All qualification including diploma)

Ph.D – Environmental Engineering – IIT Roorkee - 1996
M.Tech – Environmental Engineering – IIT Kanpur - 1987
B.E. – Civil Engineering – Bangalore University - 1982

Research and Development

R&D Projects - 9 projects sponsored by MoEF, DST, AICTE, NCRI, ZP, GoK
Consultancy Projects - 24 (Industry, Government and NGOs)

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Awards & Citations received
• Felicitated by the Alumni Association of Sree Siddaganga College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Tumakuru on 29th January 2017
• ISHRAE Mysore Chapter Award, 29th March 2015 for excellent contribution towards the Student Activities as its Chair
• Best Paper Award in International Conference on Environmental Management, held at Pondicherry College of Engineering, Pondichery, on 3-6th Feb 2007
• Best Paper Award in 36th Annual Convention of Indian Water Works (IWWA),Mumbai, held at Mumbai on 23-26th Feb 2007
• Consolation Prize for ECOTOILET, designed and developed by the Dept. of Env. Engg., in the State Level DO IT Yourself Exhibition 2005-06, held at SJCE, Mysore on 24th and 25th March 2006, sponsored by the DTE, Govt. of Karnataka and organized by JSSPPH, Mysore
• Best Essay Award from the General Category for the essay on “Faster All Round Development of Mysore Region” awarded by the Lions Club District 324 during its Annual Regional Meet, at Mysore on 8th February 2004
• Honoured as “Best Engineer Teacher” by the Institution of Engineers (India), Mysore Local Centre, on 15th September 2002
• Conferred with an Honorary Appointment to the Research Board of Advisors, 1999 of The American Biographical Institute
• Hindustan Dorr Oliver Prize for Best Paper presented on `Shallow Infiltration Wells as Supplemental Rural Water Supply Sources’, at Silver Jubilee Convention of IWWA, held at Bombay, March 1993
• Certificate of Merit for `Rotating Biological Contactor Model’ at 19th State Level Do It Yourself Technical Exhibition, held at Mysore, March 1993, organized by DTE and DST, Govt. of Karnataka.

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International Journals
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National Journals
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