Dr. Shashidhara GM    obtained MSc.(Engg) and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from IISc, Bengaluru in  1987 and 1992 respectively. His extensive work in the area of Heterogeneous Catalytic Reaction Engineering resulted in the development of new class of catalysts for Methanation of Carbon dioxide and Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethyl benzene to Styrene. Dr. G.M. Shashidhara worked under the guidance of Dr. Manas Chanda, a renowned chemical engineer specialized in polymers (Author of popular text “Advanced Polymer Technology, a problem solving guide”,  published by Morsel Dekker Inc, N.Y. 2000). Fascinated by the world of polymers, Dr.  Shashidhara switched over his  research area from Reaction Engineering to  polymer Engineering, after joining SJCE in 1990. In order to get insight of current polymer research, Dr.  Shashidhara spent three months at Polymer Processing Center, of National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) Pune as a postdoctoral fellow under DST-SERC scheme in 1997. He worked worked with Dr. Ashish Lele, (awardee of  Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize, 2006)at NCL. This exposure has helped Shashidhara to have to in-depth understanding of polymer rheology. In 2002-2003 Dr. Shashidhara  was awarded prestigious Commonwealth academic fellowship. Under this scheme, he worked as a fellow under  Prof.  James N Hay, Metallurgy and Material Science, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. His six months research related to sulfonation of PEEK at University of Birmingham was continued after returning to India with financial assistance from AICTE, New Delhi.  Dr Shashidhara was awarded a project by DRDO to develop process and optimize the conditions for Rapid prototyping by Selective Inhibition Sintering of Polymers. The research interests of Dr. Shashidhara include
  • Rheological and processibility studies on powder injection molding
  • Copolymers and blends of Cellulose acetate
  • Polyamide based and Thermoplastic polyurethane based blends
  • Polypropylene based and Polycarbonate based blends
  • Effect of fiber type, fiber content and coupling agent on properties of natural fiber reinforced polyethylene composites
  • Novel polymeric composites from Polyaryl ether ketones for electrical applications.
  • Development of adsorptive cum degradative bed columns for the removal of phenols
Dr. Shashidhara GM  has delivered expert lectures on polymer rheology, processing, testing at S.K. university, Anathapur (AP), Kuvempu university, IISc,  and many summer and winter schools  conducted by several  colleges and universities in India. He worked as consultant for   Mysuru city corporation in laying of Geo textile membranes in land fill, Astral pipes( CPVC) and SRS Polymers (RPVC pipes). Dr. Shashidhara GM  has been teaching several UG and PG courses, such as Fluid mechanics, chemical process calculations, heat and mass transfer, rheology of polymers, polymer processing and thermodynamics. He has served as chairman BOS, BOE (Polymer technology/Chemical Engineering) of University of Mysore, Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), and member of governing body and member secretary of SJCE (Autonomous) Academic council.  Dr Shashidhara has also served SJCE as Vice Principal (UG) and Principal. He has been working as Honorary Vice President of SJCE Co-operative Society for the past 9 years and took several initiatives to make up loss incurred in previous years and  brough the finacila status of co-operative society to  comfortable state. He has been an honorary chairman of education committee, Indian Rubber Institute (IRI) Karnataka Branch and his service is appreciated by polymer industries and professionals.  Dr. Shashidhara GM  is instrumental in establishing JSS-IRI Rubber technology center in SJCE Campus. This centre will focus on imparting skill development courses to school and college dropouts, graduates. The proposed center will be fully functional from 2020 and  is planning to offer raw material/product testing and consultancy service  to small and medium scale rubber industries. Dr. Shashidhara has maintained good rapport with polymer industries in India   and has helped several UG students to get internship, project and employments. The POLYCON  series of conference started in 1997 held in  3years is a brain child of Dr. Shashidhara  and over the year the conference has become popular among the academicians  associated with  polymer education and research. Currently Shashidhara is the Dean (Research) of newly establishment of JSS Science and Technology university (JSSSTU) and has successfully launched MSc(Engg) by research and  Ph.D. programmes  for the academic year 2017-18.

Email Address
Education Qualification (All qualification including diploma)

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. (1993)
M.Sc. (Engg.) Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. (1987)
M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry, University of Mysore (1983)

Research and Development

1. Development of process for producing cellulose acetate molding grade material from low grade pulps. Project cost Rs. 6 lakhs,(1995-1998) Agency: AICTE, New Delhi
2. Establishment of CAD lab for polymer applications. Project cost Rs. 12 lakhs,(2002-04) Agency: AICTE , New Delhi
3. Development of Polyelectrolyte membrane for fuel cell application, Project cost Rs. 4 lakhs, (2007-2009) Agency: AICTE, New Delhi
4. Development of Rapid Prototyping Polymers for Selective Inhibition Sintering of Aero Components, Project Cost Rs. 14.34 lakhs, (2009-2013).Agency: DRDO, New Delhi,
5. Establishing the facility for testing and characterization of polymeric materials, Project cost Rs. 40 Lakh, (2012-2014) Agency: VGST, Bangalore,

Journals Published


Conferences Presented


Research and Development projects Awarded


Training Programs attended
Training Programs conducted and coordinated

1. Commonwealth Academic Fellowship, Metallurgy and Material Engineering Department, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom (2002-2003).
2. Government of India DST-SERC Fellowship, Polymer Engineering Division, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India (1997-98)

Number of PhD students awarded so far
Number of PhD students pursuing
Research Interests

• Rheological and processibility studies on powder injection molding
• Copolymers and blends of Cellulose acetate
• Polyamide based and Thermoplastic polyurethane based blends
• Polypropylene based and Polycarbonate based blends
• Effect of fiber type, fiber content and coupling agent on properties of natural fiber reinforced polyethylene composites
• Novel polymeric composites from Polyaryl ether ketones for electrical applications.
• Development of adsorptive cum degradative bed columns for the removal of phenols

List of Publication

1. Shashidhara G. M., Ravindram M. “A kinetic study of the methanation of CO2 over Ni-Al2O3 catalyst” React.Kinet. Catal. Lett. (1988) 37(2) 451-456.DOI 10.1007/BF02062098

2. Shashidhara G. M., Ravindram M. “Methanation of CO2 over Ru- SiO2 catalyst”, React. Kinet. Catal. Lett. (1992) 46(2) 365-372.DOI 10.1007/BF02070959

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25. Shashidhara G. M and Nagendra M. S “Fabrication of SIS RP machine and Optimization of Sintering conditions for selected thermoplastic Polymers” (communicated to International Journal of Additive and Subtractive Materials Manufacturing 29th May 2017).
26. Pradeepa K G and Shashidhara G M “Comparative study on experimental and Kerner model predictions of viscoelastic properties of Polyamide 6/ Polyvinyl alcohol blends” (communicated to Journal of Polymer Engineering 24th Oct 2017).
27. Shashidhara G M and Lakshmi S “Characterized ion of Peroxidase enzyme and detoxification of phenols using Peroxidase enzyme obtained from Zea mays waste“ (communicated to Applied Water Science 30th October 2017).

Book Chapters:
A chapter titled “Mass transfer in Polymers “ in the book Polymer Processing Technology, Edited by B R Gupta, Asian Books Pvt. Ltd., 2008. PP 6.1-6.23

Other Publications
1. Technical report on Suitability of CPVC pipes in place of MSRL and CSRL pipes for transporting of phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid; Client:M/s Astral Polytechnik Ltd, Bangalore is a company involved in the production of special purpose polymer pipes and fittings under brand name CORZAN, which can be used as alternative to MSRL and CSRL pipes
2. Technical report on Suitability of HDPE liner material used for capping of composted waste; Client: JUSCO/ Mysore City Corporation.
3. Technical report on Suitability of HDPE sheets as bottom liner material for MSW Sanitary landfill; Client: JUSCO/ Mysore City Corporation
4. Technical report on Guidelines for classification of petroleum products and petrochemical products and recommendations to consider MDI, EVA and Polyolas petrochemical products. Client: Veekesy Sandals (India) Pvt. Ltd., Mysore


Rheology of Polymers, Polymer blends and alloys, Recycling of Polymers, Polymer processing, Thermodynamics of Polymers, Heat and mass transfer, Fluid mechanics, Unit operations and chemical process calculations, Polymer physics and rheology,