SAHANA. M, Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Environmental Engg., completed Bachelor of Engineering in “Environmental Engineering” during 2010 – 2014 in Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore. COmpleted  M.Tech in department of Environmental Engineering, S.J.C.E., Mysore in 2016.  Areas of specialization are Advanced Water & Wastewater Treatment, solid waste management techniques.  

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Education Qualification (All qualification including diploma)

1) Bachelor of Engineering (B.E), Environmental Engineering, Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering (SJCE), Mysuru, 2010 - 2014.
2) Master of Technology (M. Tech.), Environmental Engineering, Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering (SJCE), Mysuru, 2014 - 2016.

Research and Development

VGST, Bangalore: A novel treatment method for complete disinfection and removal of organics from hospital wastewaters using Batch Electro-chemical Coagulation (BECC); sponsored by VGST (Ref: VGST/P-10/SPiCE/2011-2012/1069), Bangalore for an amount of 30,000/- for a duration of 5 months (Nov 2011 – March 2012).

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Training Programs attended

Secured third rank in BE, Environmental Engineering, SJCE
Secured first rank in M.Tech., Environmental Engineering, SJCE

Research Interests

Advanced water and wastewater treatment technologies
Solid waste management techniques
Waste to energy technology
Use of renewable sources of energy

List of Publication

1. Shruthi M, Mahesh S, Sahana M. Removal of Arsenic from Groundwater using Electrochemical Coagulation Process. International Journal of current Engineering and Technology. 2013; 24 - 26.
2. Mahesh S, Sahana M, Mahesh S. Batch ECC for removal of organics hospital waste streams. International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology. 2014; 5 (9), 34 – 42.
3. Krishna B M, Nagabhushana B M, Anitha S, Sahana M. Color removal from textile wastewaters using CuO nano-particles coated on Sand, Cinder and GAC. International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology. 2014; 5(9), 79 – 84.
4. Sahana M., Srikantha H., Mahesh S. and Mahadeva Swamy M. Coffee processing industrial wastewater treatment using batch electrochemical coagulation with stainless steel and Fe electrodes and their combinations, and recovery and reuse of sludge. J. of Water Science and Technology. 2018 (79), 279 – 289.
5. Srikantha H, Mahesh S and Sahana M. CuO Coated Electrochemically Generated Textile Wastewater Sludge and CuO Coated GAC as Potential Nano-adsorbents for Color Removal from Real Textile Wastewater. J. of Oriental Journal of Chemistry. 2018, Vol. 34, No.(4): Pg. 2144-2151.
6. Sujit Singh, Shivaswamy Mahesh, Mahesh Sahana, K.M. Puneeth. Treatment of healthcare facility wastewaters by two dimensional (2D) electrochemical coagulation (ECC), settling and filterability aspects. Journal of Water Process Engineering, Elsevier, 2018, Vol. 26, Pg. 200 – 220.
7. Hemalatha H.N, Mahesh S, Nanjundswamy S and Sahana M. Removal of organics from real silk textile wastewater using electrochemical coagulation. J. of Indian Water Works Association. 2018; 40 – 46.
8. Publications in books: Anitha S, Krishna B M, Nagabhushana B M, Sahana M, Mahesh S. Nano CuO as adsorbent for color removal from textile wastewater. Strategic technologies of Complex environmental Issues – A sustainable approach. Edited by Prof. Govind Chandra Mishra; Excellent publishing house, New Delhi. ISBN: 978-93-83083-85-5; 2014, 7 – 12.


Construction Engineering and Materials, Environmental Microbiology, Geology and Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Studies.