JSS Mahavidyapeetha

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Sri Suttur Math

Sri Suttur Math is a movement, committed to uphold the cause of social and economic justice based on spiritual values and ideals. The activities of the math transcend the sectarian limits of the Veerasaiava community and encompass a much wider and larger following of all sections of Indian society.

Sri Jagadguru Veerasimhasana Suttur Math with a long history of more than one thousand years is a multi-dimensional institution that has contributed immensely to the cause of societal advancement. Over thousand years since its establishment, a lineage of pontiffs have done yeomen service for the betterment of mankind. At any given point in time, over 50,000 students study in its educational institutions. Nearly three lakh patients are treated in the hospitals and clinics run by the Math every year.

With its administrative head-quarters located at the foot of the picturesque Chamundi Hills, in the erstwhile princely city of Mysuru, Sri Suttur Veerasimhasana Math is today recognized as a major mission, and is drawing seekers of knowledge and wisdom in large numbers. The activities of the Math have drawn accolades from various quarters from the layman to the heads of states.

“Work is Worship” the mantra that guides the Math is enshrined in its emblem. “Selfless Service” is the spirit behind every task that the Math undertakes and since the service is considered to be an offering to Lord Shiva, its purity and intention are of utmost importance.

Sri SutturVeerasimhasana Math has grown over the centuries to be a multidimensional educational movement. Spearheading the Math’s educational initiatives is Jagadguru Sri ShivarathreeswaraMahavidyapeetha (JSS MVP), founded by the 23rd Pontiff, Jagadguru Dr. Sri ShivarathriRajendraMahaswamigalu.

Sri Suttur Math is an active ongoing movement to uphold the cause of social and economic justice, based on spiritual values and ideals


JSSMVP is a philanthropic gift to the society by a lineage of pontiffs who believed in uplifting the society by eradicating poverty through education for all.  It was established in 1954 by 23rdPontiff of Sri Suttur Math Jagadguru Dr. Sri ShivarathriRajendraMahaswamiji. The vision of His Holiness has triggered an educational revolution, particularly in the backward rural areas of Mysuru, district during the last six decades. His vision was responsible for bringing about an excellent blend of the traditional culture with modern science, leading to total personality development of individuals, through a network of education institutions, propagating both cultural education and modern multi-disciplinary professional education. 

JSSMVP, an educational effort of Jagadguru Sri Veerasimhasana Math, Suttur Srikshetra has  its prominent presence in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and abroad viz, USA, Mauritius and Dubai.  Today it has grown into a family of 350 plus institutions covering every spectrum of education. The Mahavidyapeetha is now an iconic institution in the field of education moving forward with a motto of “Education for all”.  It is an honor to state that many important personalities including Relegious Leaders, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Governors, Men of letters, Noble Laureates, Scientists etc., have visited in the past and inspired us to embrace more service oriented programmes.

Today, JSSMVP under the spiritual guidance of His HolinessJagadguru Sri ShivarathriDeshikendraMahaswamiji, is on the threshold of launching many more programmes covering all aspects of life in the service of the nation. The long tradition of the Vidyapeetha is being continued with renewed force and fervour.

The core purpose of the JSS Mahavidyapeetha is to transform lives through the philosophy of “education for all” by combining both innovation and tradition for the benefit of the society of our diverse nation and ensuring that the constituent institutions embrace the core values of learning, discovery, freedom, leadership, individual opportunity, and responsibility.