Vision and Mission


  • Advancing JSS S&T University  as  a leader in education, research and technology on the international arena.
  • To provide the students a universal platform to launch their careers, vesting the industry and research community with skilled and professional  workforce.
  • Accomplishing JSS S&T University as an epicentre for innovation, centre of excellence for research with state of the art lab facilities.
  • Fostering an erudite, professional forum for researchers and industrialist to coexist and to work cohesively for the growth  and development of science and technology  for  betterment of society .


  • Education, research and social outreach are the core doctrines of JSS S&T University that are responsible for accomplishment of  in-depth knowledge base,  professional skill and  innovative technologies required to improve the socio economic conditions of the country.
  • Our mission is to develop JSS S&T University as a global destination for  cohesive learning of engineering, science and management which are strongly supported with interdisciplinary research and academia.
  • JSS S&T University is committed to provide world class amenities, infrastructural and technical support to the students, staff, researchers and industrial partners to promote and protect innovations and technologies through patents and to enrich entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • JSS S&T University core mission is to create knowledge led economy through appropriate technologies, and to resolve societal problems by educational empowerment and ethics for better living.


True to JSS legacy and dedication to the service of mankind the JSS Science and Technology University adopted

‘Science and Technology for Better Living’