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‘A successful institution hides in its bosom innumerable stories of sacrifices by great many people, but it is the manifestation of a grand dream of a few individuals’. The intense urge of successive Pontiffs of Sri Suttur Math to serve the last man in the society has blossomed into hundreds of institutions under JSS Mahavidyapeetha today. JSS Science and Technology University, being a part, undoubtedly holds a great promise with glorious five decades of experience of an international reckoning. I feel immensely blessed and feel humbled to be the First Vice Chancellor of JSS Science and Technology University. I fail to find words to express my sincerest gratitude to the management for having reposed such immense confidence in my competence.

The success always precedes responsibility and hangs on the thin thread of constant vigil. The priorities of the new university are juxtaposed and the road map is laid bare and clear. The next three years are most crucial as the history of coming decades is etched now. Assuming full responsibility, I assure a true and transparent administration taking in to confidence every stake holder of the university. As a faculty and the Principal of Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering for several decades, it helps me decode the inner working of the technical institution. I will strive to make the best use of what is in your power, and take the rest as it happens.

JSS Mahavidyapeetha, the parent organization, has accomplished many a tasks with ease and comfort in the field of education, health, spirituality and culture. The cultural moorings coupled with tradition of the Srimath binds the institutions on the road of success. The JSS ST & U would traverse the same path under the benign guidance of JSS MVP

Higher education in India is at cross roads with major reforms in the offing. JSS Science and Technology University is established to envision a stellar role with learner centric eco-system to transform it into a futuristic global University. The Availability of skilled human resources and trained technical manpower in engineering and technology is a major reason for growing investments in the state. In this context higher education system has a key role and more particularly JSS S&T U with an objective of transforming the student output at all levels of higher education including research and innovation. The vision of JSS Science and Technology University is to be an effective instrument for enhancement of knowledge;

Our Strategic priorities include:
• Prominent National Status
• Quality Teaching & Learning
• Research of International Repute
• State-of-the-art infrastructure of International Standards
• Open access to knowledge through Distance Education
• Collaborations & MOUs

JSS Science and Technology University will adopt strategies to utilize the very best of education technology, optimize teaching methods, and encourage new inter-disciplinary research programmes that help connect teaching and research, including applied and action research projects. With an unique approach to bringing industry to academics through participation in curriculum development, curriculum delivery, industry internships, placement offers, faculty training, add-on co-curricular exposures, advice on current and future industry scenarios and even co-ownership of programs in several disciplines.

Besides, the University aims to incubate new ideas, encourage innovation and research work in all areas of Engineering Science and Technology. The University will offer a number of B.Tech, M.Tech and Ph.D programmes in the area of Engineering Science and Technology.

To achieve success in the fast-changing global workplace, our graduates should be versatile, creative, socially competent and at ease with different technologies and cultures. JSS S&T U will nurture these qualities through a flexible, broad-based curriculum, coupled with an enriching campus life, leadership opportunities and exposure to multicultural environments. The learning environment at JSS S&T U will help the student imbibe the right Attitude, Skills and Knowledge for a fantastic career.

I welcome prospective faculty as well as students to JSS Science and Technology University and wish them a pleasant, safe and productive stay at the University in the beautiful royal city of Mysuru. Dear aspiring learners – be focused in your approach; Invest in hard work–invent your future and be a part of transformation.