Board of management

JSS Science and Technology University, Mysuru has been established as per the Notification of Govt. of Karnataka cited above under Ref (1). The Statutes, rules and regulations to be followed by this University are described in the Act cited above under Ref (2).
The first Board of Management has been constituted as per Chapter VI, Section 46 (iii) of the Act. Upon completion of the terms of the first BoM, the subsequent members for the Board of Management has been constituted as per the Statutes of JSS STU Section 2 (2.2), subsec (2.2.1 and 2.2.2).

NOTIFICATION NO. : STU/REG/02a/BoM/2021-22/ , Dated : 05.07.2021

The Board of Management Committee for JSS Science and Technology University is constituted consisting of the following members:

Professor A N Santosh Kumar

  Vice Chancellor

JSS STU, Mysuru  

Prof. B. Suresh

Pro Chancellor

JSS AHER, Mysuru

Prof. S.A. Kori

Vice Chancellor

 Central University of AP, Anantapur

 Dr. S B Kivade


SJCE, Mysuru

Dr. H. Honne Gowda

Dean, Research, JSS STU, Mysuru

JSS AHER, Mysuru

Dr. S A Dhanaraj

Registrar & Member Secretary

JSS STU, Mysuru