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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Information centre

About COVID-19 Cell at JSSSTU

Outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic led to the nation-wide lock down of all colleges and universities and disruption in the teaching learning process and academic calendar. University Grants Commission (UGC) constituted an Expert Committee to deliberate and make recommendations on the issues related to the Examinations and the Academic Calendar to avoid academic loss and take appropriate measures for the future of students. One of main recommendations of this committee was to constitute a COVID-19 cell in every university to solve the issues of students related to academic calendar and examinations (UGC guidelines dt 29th April 2020).

COVID -19 cell at JSSSTU was constituted by nominating a Head of the Cell and representative member from each department in the university. This cell would assist University in adapting and implementing the UGC guidelines in a transparent manner to deal with particular situations in the best interest of students, educational institution and entire education system. This cell connects the student fraternity and university to solve issues arisen post lockdown period and ensuring the health, safety and security of the students, faculty and staff and also to continue academic activities.

National Helpline numbers: 1075 (toll free), Mysuru – 0821- 2423800, E-mail:

Protect yourself and others!
Follow these Do’s and Don’ts


Practice frequent hand washing . Wash hands with soap and water or use alcohol based hand rub. Wash hands even if they are visibly clean.

Cover your nose and mouth with handkerchief/tissue while sneezing and coughing.

Throw used tissues into closed bins immediately after use

See a doctor if you feel unwell (fever, difficult breathing and cough). While visiting doctor wear a mask/cloth to cover your mouth and nose.

If you have these signs/symptoms please call state helpline number or Ministry of Health & Family Welfare’s 24X7 helpline at 1077 or 0821-2423800

Avoid participating in large gatherings.


Have a close contact with anyone.

If you’re experiencing cough and fever.

Touch your eyes, nose and mouth.

Spit in public.

Sl. No. Name and Designation Phone No
1.   Dr. Sadashiva Murthy B.M., Professor, Head of Covid cell Department of Environmental Engineering 9900504023
2.   Shri. M. Mahadevaswamy, Member of Covid cell Finance Officer, JSS S &TU 9449011535
3.   Dr. T Manjunatha, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering 7760690930
4.   Mr. Ravishankar B. S., Assistant Professor

Department of Electrical &Electronics Engineering

5.   Mr. Halesh M. R., Assistant Professor

Department of Electronics &Communication Engineering

6.   Dr. Rathnakara S., Assistant Professor

Department of Electronics and Instrumentation

7.   Dr. Hema B. P., Assistant professor  Department of Biotechnology 9686677599
8.   Mr. Rajendra Prasad., Assistant Professor 

Department of Construction and Technology Management

9.   Mrs. Roopa C. K., Assistant Professor 

Department of Information Science and Engineering

10.   Mr. Vijay M.B., Assistant Professor 

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

11.   Mr. Chandrashekhar B., Assistant Professor Department of Environmental Engineering 9886867311
12.   Dr. C. S. Karthik, Assistant Professor Department of Chemistry 9019191935
13.   Mr. Yuvarajnath, Assistant Professor Department of Business Administration 8105680100
14.   Mr. A. S. Manjunath, Assistant Professor Department of Computer Application 9916828492
15.   Dr. Shivaprasad K.N., Assistant Professor Department of Civil Engineering 8105529845
16.   Dr. Kameshwaridevi S.H, Associate Professor, Department of Polymer Science and Technology 9035370884
17.   Ms. Sowmya C., Assistant Professor

Department of Industrial and Production Engineering

18.   Mr. Shivanna M Office– (UG) 8073415611
19.   Mrs. Surekha L Office-(PG 9611556283

Post Lockdown Measures

Sl No. Description Action taken
1. Designation of entry and exit points Entry point entrance Gate – 1

Exit point – Gate 2

2. Disinfection of premises (All buildings) Completely premisis is  disinfected using the services of an external agency (Approx 40,000 Sq Mt) before 10:00 am On 6/05/2020
3. Hand sanitization Hand sanitizer has been obtained from JSS Pharmacy College and it will be placed in strategic places in the campus before 10:00 am on 6/5/2020 and all employees have been instructed to sanitize their hands regularly
4. Face mask usage All employees are instructed to wear face masks (covering nose mouth till the chin) all the time when they are at work place and during travel from home to office and back. Preparations are underway to purchase and supply face masks for non teaching staff including essential services personnel.
5. Social distancing All employees have been instructed to maintain social distance all the time at workplace. Markings in respective places like entry and exit points to facilitate social distancing have been made.
6. Identity card All employees have been instructed to mandatorily carry college ID cards while they are coming to work and carry the same with them all the time they are at work place
7. Vehicle parking All employees have been instructed to park their vehicles in the designated parking areas by properly maintaining social distance while parking their vehicle and while taking out their vehicle.
(Designated parking places – Near Ganapathi temple, In front of main building, in front of CS/IS block, In front of PST block etc)
8. Gathering All employees have been instructed not to gather anywhere in the campus in a group of more than 5 people. And even in meetings (If physical meetings are inevitable) social distancing is followed
9. Thermal screening All employees are screened both at entry and exit point compulsorily
10. Hand sanitization at entry and exit points Hand sanitization facility is in place at both entry and exit points
11. Online classes Faculty are instructed to continue to take online classes during the working hours in the campus
12. COVID-19 cell COVID-19 cell has been established
13. Panel of counsellors Senior faculty from each department and a professional counsellor have been identified for students and employees counselling during the prevailing pandemic
14. Bank and amenity area The respective organizations have been instructed to make suitable arrangements to follow social distancing.
15. Travel and stay history document Employees have been instructed to deposit completely filled Travel and stay history document at the entry point
16. Health screening of students Arrangement are being made for health screening of students when they arrive on campus
17. Conduction of classes Measures have been taken to conduct the Classes in a staggered time schedule maintaining social distancing
18. Social distancing in college bus Measures have been taken to maintain social distance while commuting students from hostels and back (One student in one row of seat in opposite staggered manner)
19. COVID-19 awareness Health advisory display boards Arrangements have been made to display Health advisory boards in strategic places in the campus.
20. No entry to visitors Strict instructions have been given to security personnel not to allow any visitor inside the campus without official permission.
21. Health center On campus health center is available with the services of doctor
22. Awareness to employees on Resumption of work Suitable actions haven been taken continuously to ensure that all employees are aware of advisories given by both central and state governments
23. Maintenance of utilities ·         Air conditioners, including lift fans have been serviced prior to their operations.

·         Use of lifts have been temporarily discontinued until the COVID crisis is over.

·         Care has been taken to clean all the wash rooms on a regular basis and liquid soap dispensers have been provided


24. Public hygiene Employees have been instructed to refrain from Spitting and disposal of garbage indiscriminately
25. Miscellaneous instructions Employees are advised to carry their own water bottles preferably with hot water

Employees are informed to mandatorily Download Arogya Sethu App to their mobile phones

Reopening of the Institutions of JSS Mahavidyapeetha Mandatory Safety and Health Guidelines

The Government of India has notified a further extension of lockdown for two more weeks with effect from 3.5.2020, and to ease the restrictions of lockdown based on the severity of COVID 19 infection, it has classified the districts as red, orange and green zones to facilitate the resumption of working in various establishments. Pursuant to this notification, JSS Mahavidyapeetha issues the following guidelines for all the institutions to be mandatorily e complied with. These guidelines prescribe minimum standard to be complied with, but the institutions are free to upscale their safety measures subject the Government / JSSMVP directives from time to time

  1. In furtherance of the notification of MHA, GOI dtd. 1.5.2020, all the institutions of JSS Mahavidyapeetha will start functioning from 6.5.2020 subject limitations imposed therein.
  2. The heads of the institutions are informed to resume the work by involving the required staff consisting not more than 33% of the total strength in red zone and the remaining staff shall work from home according to the needs (applicable only to the institutions with large number of employees and with space constraints for maintaining social distancing norms). In orange and green zones all the staff (100%) shall work, subject to social distancing and sanitizing protocols at the premises. The staff/faculty aged above 65 years may exercise their discretion in working from home or from office at their convenience.
  3. The Heads of the Institutions shall remain in head quarters and ensure personally the restarting of the office including administrative and academic activities except conducting of the classes on the campuses.
  4. Travelling within or outside the country is not permitted except with the prior permission of the JSSMVP. Travelling for personal reasons is subject to directives of the Government.
  5. The Health Care Services of JSS MVP shall, besides these guidelines, follow the directives of the Government.
  6. Health and Safety Guidelines: Facility / Infrastructure / Resource related interventions
    1. Disinfecting of the premises shall be carried out as per the required procedure.
    2. All indoor areas such as entrance lobbies, corridors and staircases, escalators, elevators, security guard booths, office rooms, meeting rooms, cafeteria should be mopped with a disinfectant with 1% sodium hypochlorite or phenolic disinfectants
    3. Air conditioners, including lift fans to be serviced prior to their operations and their use may be restricted only essential purposes. Ensure allowing of fresh air inside the work places.
    4. Hand sanitizers shall be kept at the entry of the office premises and other places as may be required.
    5. All toilets / washrooms shall have liquid soap with clear directions to wash their hands before leaving the wash rooms.
  7. People related Interventions
    1. No strangers shall be allowed inside the premises. The security staff at the entrance shall verify the person’s identity and after consulting the office he/she shall be allowed, provided he/she appeared prima facie healthy and is wearing mask.
    2. The staff shall wear mask throughout their stay and carry their I D cards
    3. Social distancing shall be maintained in the work place by making necessary seating arrangements.
    4. No gathering of five or more shall be allowed. Spitting and disposal of garbage indiscriminately shall not be allowed.
    5. The waiting area/ lounge shall maintain social distancing and sanitization. A warning sign in this regard may be displayed in the area.
    6. Thermal scanners must be used for efficient screening of everyone who enters the campus.
    7. Large gathering of more than 10 shall be done away with rather, on line platform may be used even within the premises.
    8. Staff and others may be encouraged to use staircases rather than elevators. In case of physically challenged and elderly people who can not use staircases they may be allowed to use elevators but not more than two persons shall be allowed at a time.
    9. The staff shall be asked to bring their own drinking water and sanitizer for their personal use.
    10. Every employee or the visitor shall be mandated to download Aarogya sethu app in their mobile phones.
    11. The heads of the institution, unit heads, office administrators / team leaders should ensure that the guidelines are implemented in letter and spirit and continue to do so till the end without fail.
    12. Any suspected case of infection or apprehension of it may be immediately reported to JSS MVP.
    13. In any unforeseen circumstances JSS MVP may be contacted for clarification. These guidelines are not exhaustive and liable to be amended from time to time or as per Government directives.
  8. Report issues / concerns and recommend changes / improvements if any in the guidelines as may be applicable to their organization/ unit and communicate to the JSS Mahavidyapeetha such changes.
  9. An institutional level committee may be constituted to evaluate the status, observations if any, with the staff and others feedback for relevant changes in the processes/systems.
  10. The staff are required to submit a declaration form that they had not suffered from any of the COVID 19 related symptoms / were quarantined / are coming from the containment zone during the lockdown period (Annexure 1)

Annexure 1