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Message from HOD

Greetings! 2022 is not just a change of year, it is a year of change in consciousness in all aspects of life for all human’s world over. As the challenges continue in the new year, one realization that has come forth clearly is that, it is not the strongest or most intelligent species that survives, but the one that is responsive to change.

JSS CMS, Mysuru was established in the year 1998. From a very modest beginning of starting just one MBA (General) Program, we have now been able to carve a niche for ourselves in the realm of Management Education, leading to the establishment of 4 MBA programs namely, MBA (General Management), MBA (Financial Management), MBA (Retail Management) and MBA (Digital Marketing). We also offer certification programs in Digital Marketing from the current year The credit to these achievements, in a large way, should go the Teachers, Parents and Students who have stood by us and graced the portals of this Institution of Higher Learning.

It has been the mission at JSS CMS, to develop leadership qualities in students, so that they will go on to lead organizations and become successful. Our students are also trained to be sensitive and humane and inspire trust and confidence in all situations and conditions. The focus has been to turn them into professionals by helping them develop abilities to look beyond the present, and envision goals and objectives of the organization and their contribution in accomplishing them.

JSS CMS as an Institution has been promoting and supporting research at various levels. It is done at student, faculty, doctorate, Ideas incubation and industry connect level, to help our students and research scholars to come out with new ideas and think of entrepreneurial start-ups in the early years of their studies.

Our faculties are encouraged to be creative and innovative in their teaching methodologies thereby facilitating their self-development by allowing for greater role in running of the JSS CMS programs. Faculties are involved in student mentorship and guiding them through active counselling especially as the year of pandemic has made it hugely significant to understand the value of human life and stability to all of us.

JSS CMS has robust placement programs attracting hiring from some of the best names in several industrial sectors. We train our students intensely for two semesters in the final year and have them ready to take on the roles for specific jobs and come out of interviews in flying colours.

I wish all students, current and new aspirants of MBA, and their family members, all safety and good health and urge them to be prepared to navigate and succeed in a new world, which is full of challenges, by looking for the best opportunities and cutting through all the old habits and creating new, impactful, relevant events and by using all forms of learning and exploring the bold new vistas in education.

Dr. Swaroop Simha

Professor and HoD

JSS Science and Technology University, Mysuru

Ph: +91 7259307452, +91 821425715



Be a preferred Management education institution dedicated to nurture management education, research and professional excellence for the betterment of the society


  • Enhance the social capital through education, research and consultancy in the area of
  • Consciously collaborate with Institutions, Industry, Government and Society
  • Foster an environment of learning, enquiry and connectedness

  • JSS Centre for Management Studies (JSSCMS), was instituted in 1998 under the aggies of Visveswaraya Technological University. Later in 2009 the institute was recognized as an autonomous body and further progressed to attain University status in the year 2016. JSSCMS now is a recognized centre for MBA Education and Research and offers two-year full-time MBA programs approved by AICTE  to JSS Science and Technology University, Mysuru, Karnataka.
  • From a very modest beginning of starting just one MBA (General) Program, JSSCMS have now been able to carve a niche in the realm of management education, leading to the establishment of four MBA programs namely, MBA (General Management), MBA (Financial Management), MBA (Retail Management) and MBA (Digital Marketing).
  • JSSCMS is continuing its track record of long years of success and promises maintaining the winning streak. JSSCMS in its 24th year in progress with 2000 plus students being conferred with MBA degrees have established their career in successful companies.


  • JSS CMS has qualified and experienced teaching fraternity with an average teaching experience of 14 years.
  • JSS CMS has 19 faculties with Doctoral Degree and 4 faculties have enrolled and pursuing Ph.D. in their respective specialisation.
  • Faculty are trained in their specific domains adding value to the curriculum.
  • Research & Consultancy Interest Group(RCIG) at JSS CMS has resulted in good number of research publications.
  • JSSCMS emphasizes on effective pedagogy and attention to student learning needs.
  • Faculty have regularly undergone training through MOOC, SWAYAM and Coursera programs.


  • Students are encouraged and motivated through technical and professional clubs like, Chaithanya HR club, Books and Movie review club to promote personality development.
  • Entrepreneurship Development workshop are specially conducted across all branches of MBA.
  • students are sensitized through specialized subjects through workshops conducted using Internal and External resources namely, Sensory Marketing, Visual Merchandising, Personal Development, Team Work, Communications and Leadership Development, Creative Design Thinking and Skill Development in their respective domains using
  • Intercollegiate annual event “MANNOVEX” which stands for -Management Innovation for Excellence is organised to help students network, fraternize, exchange & practice management concepts.
  • Department is involved in various CSR activities which also are meant to be prelude events for MANNOVEX namely blood donation camps, planting saplings, cleanliness drives as part of Swatch Bharat programme, Fit India and cultural exchange programmes as part of Ek Bharat Shresht Bharat Club etc.

Recognizing the needs of Market, Industry and Society, JSSCMS offers the MBA programs in following domains

MBA (General Management) The curriculum is designed to develop student’s skills & abilities to identify, understand, analyze and apply managerial thinking in various functional areas of business and help them to address challenges in managing organization. Students will learn general management subjects in first year and enter specialization (Electives: HR/Marketing/Finance) in the second year.

MBA (Corporate Finance) The course focuses on the financial management of both public and private corporations. Students are presented with a conceptual framework for understanding and addressing problems commonly faced by corporate decision-makers and are provided opportunities to apply these concepts to contemporary business situations. The subjects and the respective topics reflect the impact on the overall value and financial risk of the company.

MBA (Retail Management) The Retail Management is the appropriate career for those who have interest towards commodities, sales markets, market segments, diversification of businesses, advertising and campaigning, and business marketing research. The profession offers wide scope for exploring new organized retail sectors.  The job options in the retail sector are interesting for an MBA graduate and start their career as a sales manager or marketing manager or even start a retail business of their own by becoming a franchisee of another big player in the retail business.

MBA (Digital Marketing) Digital marketing management is a leading management program with focus on the digital world.

Certification Courses from JSS CMS

JSSCMS brings Digital Marketing Certification program at different levels, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Hands on training with real time and live cases will be provided along with complete in depth theory and course materials. Certificate from the JSS University will be given on successful upon completion of the course, which has immense value in the Job Market. Digital Marketing Certification courses are designed at three levels: level 1- Fundamental of Digital Marketing, Level 2- Website Planning and Development, Level 3- Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.

Academic Relevance to suit Industry requirements


  • Students are guided to submit their project work /Internship reports/Field Trips as part of the curriculum in respective semesters.
  • Students are assisted and guided by faculties to participate and present in management conferences.
  • Joint research paper publications by faculty and student are encouraged.
  • Pre-Placement Training is offered as credit course to make students job ready.
  • Programmes designed to impart the knowledge of business and decisions making.
  • Board of Studies is active and revises the curriculum to meet the contemporary requirements of the industry based on industrial expert committee advises.
  • Learning by case studies, hands on experience, mini projects, workshops, short -term courses.
  • Special lectures/ workshops/seminars/ FDP/ conferences by industrial experts and practitioners.

Short Term

  • To strengthen MBA Curriculum in tune with NEP 2020 with emphasis on innovation, skill development, product design and human values.
  • To Initiate faculty & student exchange programmes with MUST, Malaysia
  • Engage with eminent alumni for collaboration with industry to increase placement opportunities.

Long Term

  • To move towards becoming an institute of eminence in management education.
  • Emphasize on National & International Collaboration with industry and universities.
  • Increase in the research output by seeking grants and funded projects.
# Program Educational Objectives:-The Graduates will be able to:
PEO – 1 PEO1: To Impart knowledge, skill and attitude that develop competent managers and entrepreneurs
PEO – 2 PEO2: To sensitize on the global, ethical, economic and socio-political contexts of business
PEO – 3 PEO3: To integrate knowledge from different domains that promote sustainable decision making
# Program Specific Outcomes :-The Graduates will be able to:
PSO-1 PSO1: To know organization process, structure, methods and functions
PSO-2 PSO2: To plan, organize, implement and control in respective managerial positions
PSO-3 PSO3: To create an internal environment to engage positively with the external environment



Management Knowledge Representation of knowledge through concepts
PO2 Problem analysis & Decision making

Analyse complex data, understanding the financial and managerial implications, Choosing best alternative -Think critically and make

decisions based on complex information



functional knowledge

Implementation, Optimization, Validation and Testing, Demonstration, Illustration, Identifying Complexity
PO4 Environment – Sustainability Maximise resources for the benefit of organisations and society

Ethics and


Know and understand organisations and their stakeholders
PO6 Team Work and Communication

Lead themselves and others To achieve organisational goals, contributing effectively in a team. Motivation, Confidence Building,

Coordination, Conflict Management,

PO7 Adaptability Operate effectively in cross-cultural settings, understanding the nature of globalization
PO8 Enhancing Career and Learning Self Motivation, Learning Environment, Manage Uncertainty, Communication across Culture

Programmes Offered

PG details

Research Programmes

·         MBA(General)

·         MBA in Financial Management

·         MBA in Retail Management

·         MBA in Digital Marketing

Part time and Full time PhD Programs offered for Research Scholars.

OBE Administration

01JST20PMB001 Abhishek Nemappa Hanamaratti Dr.P.Nagesh
01JST20PMB003 Ajith Kumar S Dr.P.Nagesh
01JST20PMB004 Akhilesh P Dr.P.Nagesh
01JST20PMB005 Akshay Roop B Dr.P.Nagesh
01JST20PMB006 Amruth B Raj Dr.P.Nagesh
01JST20PMB008 Appaiah M M Dr.P.Nagesh
01JST20PMB009 Austin Britto Dr.P.Nagesh
01JST20PMB010 B M Hemanth Dr.P.Nagesh
01JST20PMB013 C Dhanush Dr.P.Nagesh
01JST20PMB016 Chetan Prasad Dr.P.Nagesh
01JST20PMB017 Chirag N Dr.P.Nagesh
01JST20PMB074 Pruthvik R N Dr.P.Nagesh
01JST20PMB027 Guruprasad N Dr.P.Nagesh
01JST20PRM004 Mitha Prathap Dr.Swaroop Simha
01JST20PRM009 Thanmayee S Dr.Swaroop Simha
01JST20PDM002 Akshatha V Dr.Swaroop Simha
01JST20PDM005 Anusha N Dr.Swaroop Simha
01JST20PDM006 Anusha P M Dr.Swaroop Simha
01JST20PDM007 Apoorva M K Dr.Swaroop Simha
01JST20PDM009 Darshini M Dr.Swaroop Simha
01JST20PDM010 Deepika Mahadev Prasad Dr.Swaroop Simha
01JST20PDM011 Divyashree S R Dr.Swaroop Simha
01JST20PDM014 Jagruthi P R Dr.Swaroop Simha
01JST20PMB002 Aishwarya B V Dr.Savitha G Lakkol
01JST20PMB007 Anusha A M Dr.Savitha G Lakkol
01JST20PMB011 Breona Alexander Dr.Savitha G Lakkol
01JST20PMB014 Chandana R Dr.Savitha G Lakkol
01JST20PMB015 Chandana S Dr.Savitha G Lakkol
01JST20PMB029 Harshitha L P Dr.Savitha G Lakkol
01JST20PDM037 Vinay R Dr.Savitha G Lakkol
01JST20PDM038 Vipul N Raj Dr.Savitha G Lakkol
01JST20PCF047 Sudhanva Hathwar H D Dr.Savitha G Lakkol
01JST20PCF042 Samrudh H L Dr.Savitha G Lakkol
01JST20PCF043 Savinay J Dr.Savitha G Lakkol
01JST20PCF044 Shrirang H Kalburgi Dr.Savitha G Lakkol
01JST20PCF046 Sreevathsa K S Dr.Savitha G Lakkol
01JST20PMB019 Darshan R Dr.Praveen Kumar
01JST20PMB022 Dhanush Bolar K Dr.Praveen Kumar
01JST20PMB024 Dheeraj S Dr.Praveen Kumar
01JST20PMB025 Digvijay Gowda K A Dr.Praveen Kumar
01JST20PMB012 Brijesh S Dr.Praveen Kumar
01JST20PMB028 Harish M Dr.Praveen Kumar
01JST20PMB032 K Manjunath Dr.Praveen Kumar
01JST20PMB033 K V Darshan Dr.Praveen Kumar
01JST20PMB035 Karthik S M Dr.Praveen Kumar
01JST20PMB037 Keerthan R Dr.Praveen Kumar
01JST20PMB040 Kiran Kumar K R Dr.Praveen Kumar
01JST20PMB041 Kiran S Dr.Praveen Kumar
01JST20PRM008 Skanda K S Dr.Nalina K.B
01JST20PRM010 Vishnu V Nair Dr.Nalina K.B
01JST20PDM023 Naveen Raj S M Dr.Nalina K.B
01JST20PMB030 Harshitha N L Dr.Nalina.K.B
01JST20PMB031 K G Abhijna Gowda Dr.Nalina.K.B
01JST20PMB036 Kavya Chandragouda Marigoudar Dr.Nalina.K.B
01JST20PMB038 Keerthana Raj M R Dr.Nalina.K.B
01JST20PMB039 Kimberly V A Cuffley Dr.Nalina.K.B
01JST20PMB044 L Bhagyashree Dr.Nalina.K.B
01JST20PMB045 Lakshmi D Dr.Nalina.K.B
01JST20PMB051 Meghana R Dr.Nalina.K.B
01JST20PMB052 Meghana S Nayak Dr.Nalina.K.B
01JST20PMB055 Monisha T S Dr.Nalina.K.B
01JST20PDM024 Nikith H S Dr.Sridevi M Kulenur
01JST20PDM025 Nithish Kumar S Dr.Sridevi M Kulenur
01JST20PDM030 Sammed Jain M S Dr.Sridevi M Kulenur
01JST20PMB020 Deeksha D Dr.Sridievi M Kulenur
01JST20PMB021 Deeksha M Dr.Sridievi M Kulenur
01JST20PMB023 Dharmika M Dr.Sridievi M Kulenur
01JST20PMB026 Gagana B Dr.Sridievi M Kulenur
01JST20PCF052 Syed Nihaz Ur Rehman Dr.Sridievi M Kulenur
01JST20PCF0 Mohan A.P Dr.Sridievi M Kulenur
01JST20PDM016 Kavya R Dr.Sridievi M Kulenur
01JST20PDM026 Priyanka P R Dr.Sridievi M Kulenur
01JST20PDM027 Reshma M Dr.Sridievi M Kulenur
01JST20PMB057 Namratha B P Dr.Aruna Adarsh
01JST20PMB059 Navyashree G J Dr.Aruna Adarsh
01JST20PMB060 Nayana R Dr.Aruna Adarsh
01JST20PMB061 Nikitha M V Dr.Aruna Adarsh
01JST20PMB064 Niveditha N S Dr.Aruna Adarsh
01JST20PMB066 Pavithra S Dr.Aruna Adarsh
01JST20PMB068 Pooja Suman R Dr.Aruna Adarsh
01JST20PMB069 Pragna G V Dr.Aruna Adarsh
01JST20PMB072 Priyadarshini N Dr.Aruna Adarsh
01JST20PMB073 Priyanka P Dr.Aruna Adarsh
01JST20PDM031 Sanjaypatel M S Dr.Aruna Adarsh
01JST20PDM034 Srinidhi T M Dr.Aruna Adarsh
01JST20PDM035 Sumanth Bhaskar Bhat Devas Dr.Aruna Adarsh
01JST20PRM005 Rajath H R Dr.Anupama Sundar.D
01JST20PRM006 Sajan M D Dr.Anupama Sundar.D
01JST20PRM007 Shashank M N Dr.Anupama Sundar.D
01JST20PMB091 Shishira S G Dr.Anupama Sundar.D
01JST20PMB092 Shradda K A Dr.Anupama Sundar.D
01JST20PMB093 Shraddha V L Dr.Anupama Sundar.D
01JST20PMB094 Simran S Punjabi Dr.Anupama Sundar.D
01JST20PMB096 Sneha S R Dr.Anupama Sundar.D
01JST20PMB102 Sukrutha K Gowda Dr.Anupama Sundar.D
01JST20PMB104 Sushmitha D S Dr.Anupama Sundar.D
01JST20PMB105 Sushmitha M Dr.Anupama Sundar.D
01JST20PMB109 Syeda Khutejatul Kubra Dr.Anupama Sundar.D
01JST20PMB110 Thanmaya L S Dr.Anupama Sundar.D
01JST20PMB042 Koushik M R Dr.Suresh V Acharya
01JST20PMB043 Kuldeep M R Dr.Suresh V Acharya
01JST20PMB046 M Gowtham Rohith Dr.Suresh V Acharya
01JST20PMB047 M R Prajwal Dr.Suresh V Acharya
01JST20PMB048 Madesh S Dr.Suresh V Acharya
01JST20PMB049 Mahan Taunad H V Dr.Suresh V Acharya
01JST20PMB050 Manjunath M Dr.Suresh V Acharya
01JST20PMB053 Mohammed Fazlur Rahman Dr.Suresh V Acharya
01JST20PMB054 Mohith K Dr.Suresh V Acharya
01JST20PMB056 N Harshith Dr.Suresh V Acharya
01JST20PMB058 Nanaiah M G Dr.Suresh V Acharya
01JST20PMB062 Niranjan G M Dr.Suresh V Acharya
01JST20PMB063 Nithin M Dr.Suresh V Acharya
01JST20PMB065 O L Preetham Mr.Yuvarajnath
01JST20PMB067 Piyush Kaushik A Mr.Yuvarajnath
01JST20PMB070 Preetham J Mr.Yuvarajnath
01JST20PMB071 Preetham M R Mr.Yuvarajnath
01JST20PMB018 Chiranth Gangadhar Mr.Yuvarajnath
01JST20PMB075 Rahul J Mr.Yuvarajnath
01JST20PMB078 Ranjith Kumar M G Mr.Yuvarajnath
01JST20PMB079 Rohan Kumar Mr.Yuvarajnath
01JST20PMB082 Sachin K S Mr.Yuvarajnath
01JST20PMB086 Sanjay P Mr.Yuvarajnath
01JST20PMB088 Sharath M J Mr.Yuvarajnath
01JST20PMB097 Sougandh K M Mr.Yuvarajnath
01JST20PMB098 Srikanth B Mr.Yuvarajnath
01JST20PMB099 Srinivas P Mr.Tejus Sangameshwara
01JST20PMB100 Sujan S N Mr.Tejus Sangameshwara
01JST20PMB101 Sujeeth P Mr.Tejus Sangameshwara
01JST20PMB106 Syed Hakheeb S S Mr.Tejus Sangameshwara
01JST20PMB107 Syed Jaffer Mr.Tejus Sangameshwara
01JST20PMB108 Syed Salman S Mr.Tejus Sangameshwara
01JST20PMB114 Vijay H D Mr.Tejus Sangameshwara
01JST20PMB115 Vikas K Mr.Tejus Sangameshwara
01JST20PMB116 Vinay Mane U Mr.Tejus Sangameshwara
01JST20PMB117 Vinith K A Mr.Tejus Sangameshwara
01JST20PMB118 Vishvanath Basavaraj Mr.Tejus Sangameshwara
01JST20PCF048 Sujith N Mr.Tejus Sangameshwara
01JST20PCF050 Swaroop A R Mr.Tejus Sangameshwara
01JST20PDM001 Akash P Kalshetty Dr.Pradeep M.P
01JST20PDM003 Amruth Vaka Dr.Pradeep M.P
01JST20PDM004 Anirudh S Katti Dr.Pradeep M.P
01JST20PDM008 Asvath Vaka Dr.Pradeep M.P
01JST20PDM012 Gagan S M Dr.Pradeep M.P
01JST20PDM013 Harsha S Dr.Pradeep M.P
01JST20PDM015 Karthiknayak M Dr.Pradeep M.P
01JST20PDM017 Krushik S T Dr.Pradeep M.P
01JST20PDM018 Likhith S U Dr.Pradeep M.P
01JST20PDM019 Madhu Prasad J Dr.Pradeep M.P
01JST20PDM020 Mahesh M Dr.Pradeep M.P
01JST20PDM021 Mervyn Wilfred Dr.Pradeep M.P
01JST20PDM022 Mohammed Shuaib H A Dr.Pradeep M.P
01JST20PDM028 Sahana Gurukar R Mrs.Kavyashree
01JST20PDM029 Sahithya H S Mrs.Kavyashree
01JST20PDM032 Savya Swaroop R Mrs.Kavyashree
01JST20PDM033 Sharanya C N Mrs.Kavyashree
01JST20PDM036 Tulasi Shambhavi.N.L Mrs.Kavyashree
01JST20PCF045 Shwetha S Mrs.Kavyashree
01JST20PCF049 Sushma M M Mrs.Kavyashree
01JST20PCF051 Swathi T M Mrs.Kavyashree
01JST20PCF010 Deepika C.G Mrs.Kavyashree
01JST20PMB111 Theju S Mrs.Kavyashree
01JST20PMB112 Uma Maheshwari M Mrs.Kavyashree
01JST20PMB113 Vamshitha T M Mrs.Kavyashree
01JST20PMB119 Yashaswini M Mrs.Kavyashree
01JST20PMB076 Rakshanda C A Dr.Sindu Bharath
01JST20PMB077 Ramya B L Dr.Sindu Bharath
01JST20PMB080 S Bindyashree Dr.Sindu Bharath
01JST20PMB081 S Tanushree Dr.Sindu Bharath
01JST20PMB083 Sanchya M M Dr.Sindu Bharath
01JST20PMB084 Saniya Sheikh Dr.Sindu Bharath
01JST20PMB085 Sanjana C R Dr.Sindu Bharath
01JST20PMB087 Savitha S Dr.Sindu Bharath
01JST20PMB089 Sheethal N R Dr.Sindu Bharath
01JST20PMB090 Shilpa G Dr.Sindu Bharath
01JST20PRM001 Karthik V Dr.Sindu Bharath
01JST20PRM002 Kiran Karegowda T Dr.Sindu Bharath
01JST20PRM003 Manjesha G Dr.Sindu Bharath
01JST20PCF001 Abhilash K S Dr.Rakesh.D
01JST20PCF003 Akshay Simha M Dr.Rakesh.D
01JST20PCF004 Arun R Gowda Dr.Rakesh.D
01JST20PCF005 Ashish Bharadwaj Dr.Rakesh.D
01JST20PCF006 Avinash B Dr.Rakesh.D
01JST20PCF007 Bharath K Dr.Rakesh.D
01JST20PCF009 Darshan M Dr.Rakesh.D
01JST20PCF011 Dhanush Kumar L S Dr.Rakesh.D
01JST20PCF012 Girish R Dr.Rakesh.D
01JST20PCF013 H S Prajwal Dr.Rakesh.D
01JST20PCF014 Harsha G Dr.Rakesh.D
01JST20PCF016 Jeevan P Dr.Rakesh.D
01JST20PCF018 K N Biddappa Dr.Rakesh.D
01JST20PCF002 Akhila K S Ms.Maheshwari B.P
01JST20PCF008 Chandana L Ms.Maheshwari B.P
01JST20PCF015 Harshitha Aravind Ms.Maheshwari B.P
01JST20PCF017 Jyothi G Ms.Maheshwari B.P
01JST20PCF020 Kanchan B Ms.Maheshwari B.P
01JST20PCF024 Mansi Mallesh Ms.Maheshwari B.P
01JST20PCF026 Navyasri S Ms.Maheshwari B.P
01JST20PCF027 Niha Mohammedi Ms.Maheshwari B.P
01JST20PCF032 Pooja B R Ms.Maheshwari B.P
01JST20PCF033 Pooja V Ms.Maheshwari B.P
01JST20PCF034 Pradeepika G Ms.Maheshwari B.P
01JST20PCF039 Ramya H B Ms.Maheshwari B.P
01JST20PCF040 Rashmi M N Ms.Maheshwari B.P
01JST20PCF019 K N Poonacha Mr.Abhilash.P
01JST20PCF021 Karthik N D Mr.Abhilash.P
01JST20PCF022 Kumar H G Mr.Abhilash.P
01JST20PCF023 Manoj K Mr.Abhilash.P
01JST20PCF028 Nikhil U R Mr.Abhilash.P
01JST20PCF029 Parikshith V Mr.Abhilash.P
01JST20PCF030 Pavan Srinivas A S Mr.Abhilash.P
01JST20PCF031 Pavan Urs T R Mr.Abhilash.P
01JST20PCF035 Prajwal M Sahasram Mr.Abhilash.P
01JST20PCF036 Prapul H S Mr.Abhilash.P
01JST20PCF037 Raghavendra T S Mr.Abhilash.P
01JST20PCF038 Ramachandra Ishwar Bhat Mr.Abhilash.P
01JST20PCF041 Rohan B G Mr.Abhilash.P

Details of Lab facilities

Name of the Laboratory Name of the Important Equipment

Computer LAB-I

Computer LAB-II

High End Computers


Department has spacious class rooms with adequate seating capacity. Each class room is provided with a Computer system, LCD Projector with screen facility for Audio/ Visual purpose. In addition Green glass boards and Podium are provided in each class room.

Sl.No Faculty Name  Qualification (Specialization) Designation DOJ Exp.Yrs Email-Id(JSS STU)
1 Dr.P.Nagesh  M.Tech.(Mngt), MBA Operations Professor and Dean 22-11-2004 17
2 Dr.Swaroop Simha MBA, Ph.D Marketing Professor and HoD 26-02-2018 4
3 Dr.Savitha G.Lakkol MBA, Ph.D Finance Associate Professor 16-08-2007 14
4 Dr.Praveen Kumar  PGDM, Ph.D Marketing Associate Professor 10-10-1999 22
5 Dr.Nalina K.B MBA, Ph.D Finance Associate Professor 24-10-2011 10
6 Dr.Sridevi.M.Kulenur MBA, Ph.D HR Associate Professor 25-09-2009 12
7 Dr.Aruna Adarsh MBA, Ph.D HR Associate Professor 25-08-2009 12
8 Dr.Anupama Sundar.D MBA, Ph.D Marketing Associate Professor 07-01-2008 14
9 Mr.Suresh V Acharya MBA, Ph.D Marketing Assistant Professor 22-02-2011 11
10 Mr.Yuvaraj Nath MBA Marketing Assistant Professor 01-09-2009 12
11 Mr.Tejus Sanagmeshwara  PGDM Assistant Professor 12-12-2017 4
12 Dr.Pradeep.M.P MBA, Ph.D Marketing Assistant Professor 01-02-2018 4
13 Mrs.Kavyashree M.B MBA Marketing Assistant Professor 05-10-2016 5
14 Dr.Sindu Bharath MBA, Ph.D HR Assistant Professor 06-09-2019 2
15 Dr.Rakesh.D MBA, Ph.D HR Assistant Professor 01-10-2019 2
16 Mr.Pradeep Kumar.K MBA Finance Adjunct Professor 06-10-2017 4
17 Mr.M.Rangaswamy Finance Hon.Professor 06-10-2017 4
18 Ms. Maheswari B.P MBA Marketing Assistant Professor 02-03-2020 2
19 Ms. Abhilash Puttabuddhi MBA Marketing Assistant Professor 04-03-2020 2
20 Mrs.Ananya Tharanatha MBA Assistant Professor 05-02-2022 1 month 12 days
# Name Qualification Designation Exp.Yrs Email-ID
1  Mrs Sudha B S  B.E System Admin 8

Academic Year 2020-21

Sl.No Name of the FDP/Conference/Workshop Organized Date
1 Webinar on CONTENT MARKETING titled “Importance of Creative Writing and Editing.” 02-06-2020
2 Poster design Webinar session 17-06-2020
3 Webinar Workshop on SEO & SEM 23-06-2020
4 Webinar  on Entrepreneurship Theory and Practices 08-07-2020
6 Workshop on Advertising on the internet 30-07-2020
7 Webinar on Mental Wellness 18-07-2020
8 A webinar on the emotional intelligence required to deal with covid situation
9 Webinar on Why, what, and how of digital marketing” webinar conducted today
10 Workshop on Visual Merchandising 6-08-2020 to 7-08- 2020
11 Online workshop on ” Women Entrepreneurship “ 14-10-2020
12 Webinar on Digital Marketing  and Retail Business 17-11-2020
13 Webinar on Psychometric Behavioral Testing 9-12-2020 to 11-12-2020
14 Webinar on Loyalty and CRM Dec,2020
15 workshop on Leadership Development -MBA (Executive Programme) Dec,2020
16 Workshop Business Ethics and Values  – MBA (Executive Programme) December, 2020
17 Conducted a National webinar on The Scope and Opportunities in the Changing Environment – Implications for Business Management for business management students and faculties 05-03-2021
18 Webinar on Loyalty and CRM 21-05-2021
19 online workshop  entitle ‘Visual Merchandising’ 08-06-2021
20 Design Thinking and Innovate’ for MBA (Digital Marketing) Students of IV semester MBA 15-06-2021.
21 webinar on Personality Development Training 17-06-2021 to 18-06-2021
22 Conducted a National webinar on The Scope and Opportunities in the Changing Environment – Implications for Business Management for business management students and faculties Guest speakers:Dr.Balaji Rao, CEO and Prof.Anand S.Upadhya  31-03-2021
23 Technical seminar-Guest speakers:Mr. Deepak Ghadge, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author 26-04-2021
24 Technical seminar -Guest speakers:Mr. Hari Krishna,Head Finance – Plansee India HPM Pvt Ltd  27-04-2021
25 Technical seminar -Guest speakers:Mr. Girish,Head HR – Plansee India HPM Pvt Ltd, 28-04-2021
26 Technical seminar -Guest speakers:Mr. Shreedar,HR Consultant,Held on 29-04-2021
27 Technical seminar -Guest speakers:Mr. Nikhil Prabhu, Head Finance – Automotive Axles Ltd,Held on  30-04-2021
28 Webinar on “Legal Acumen for New Age Business Managers” for II year MBA Students Guest speaker:Mr.Satish T.S, Advocate,Held on 20-05-2021 to 22-05-2021
29 Webinar on Loyalty and CRM Guest Speaker:Mr.Rahul Vasu, Head Loyalty , Analtics and CRM, 21-05-2021
30 online workshop entitle ‘Visual Merchandising’ Guest Speaker: Ms. Kranti Fernandes , Creative Lead at Krafern India and Deputy Managing Director at Netaji Subhash Institute,Mumbai.,Held on 08-06-2021
31 Window dressing and Mannequins Guest Speakers: Mr. Sheethal Padmaraj, Proprietor Heavenly Divas Mysore, Retailer practitioner.,Held on 10-06-2021
32 Retail Analytics and statistical thinking for Management Studies: Mr.Murulidhara Anandamurthy Academic Ambassador, SAS,,Held on 11-06-2021
33 Design Thinking and Innovate’ for MBA (Digital Marketing) Students of IV semester MBA :Mr.Lokesh Venkataswamy, Industrialist of National repute Resource person,Held on 15-06-2021
34 Creative Workshop using canva Photoshop tools Guest speaker:Dr.Sunil M.V, Professor, SDM IMD.,Held on 16-06-2021
35 webinar on Personality Development Training Guest speaker:Ms.Praveena Naidu, Skill Sculpt Training Consultants, Mysuru,Held on 17-06-2021 to 18-2021
36 Organized a webinar on Mental Wellness and Counseling Techniques by Dr Shivananda Manohar J, Consultant Psychiatrist, JSS Hospital, Mysuru, . 26-06-2021
37 Delivered two days Training program on interpersonal skills, values, attitudes, quality management for the staffs at JSS Dental College and Hospital, Mysuru. 17-03-2021 to 18-03-2021
38 Invited as a speaker for discussion on holistic approach of empowering women, by Young Indians in association with YUVA and CII organized at JSS Women’s College, Mysuru. 8-03-2021.
39 Organized a webinar on “Understanding Psychological Health and Mapping your Strengths and interests using Psychometric Testing” by Dr Uma Warrier. 1-02-2021 to 3-02-2021
40 Organised a webinar on “ Developing EI for a flourishing career – Aishwarya Chandrashekaran, Leadership consultant ; Hyderabad; 19-06-2021
41 Resource person on webinar conducted on Labour codes – “An impetus to Indian economy”
42 Guest lecture on Human resource Practices in Retail  by Dhruva Darshan  09.10.2021
1. Dr Nagesh  Pooja joshi Expartriate management – cross cultural training 2018 Submitting synopsis
2. Dr Nagesh Tejus Sangameshwara Consumer buying behaviour and risk in digital marketing 2019 Data Analysis
3. Dr Nagesh Harsha Kulenur Evaluation of online learning 2020 Literature review
4. Dr Nagesh



Career aspirations and organizational commitments 2020 Literature review
5. Dr.Swaroop Simha



6. Dr.Swaroop Simha Shahikiran 2021
7. Dr.Swaroop Simha
8. Dr.Savitha G Lakkol Anirudh Personality types and its influence on buying behaviour 2018 Report Writing
9. Dr.Savitha G Lakkol Savitha M Factors determining social entrepreneurship 2017 Report writing
10. Dr.Savitha G Lakkol



11. Dr.Praveen Kumar



Marketing 2019 Completed Course work examination
12. Dr.Praveen Kumar Relationship Marketing /VTU 2015 Submission stage
13. Dr.Sridevi M Kulenur Nandini Murthy The Corporate Wellness Programs and Organizational Commitment 2019 Finished Comprehensive Viva Voce.
14. Dr.Sridevi M Kulenur Kavyashree M B Employee Engagement – a key success factor 2018 Preparing for final thesis submission
15. Dr.Sridevi M Kulenur



Quality Management Practices for Effective Performance 2020 Completed Course work examination
16. Dr.Sridevi M Kulenur Maheshwari Artificial intelligence –Transformation Human resource management Approach 2021 Preparing for Course work examination
17. Dr Aruna Adarsh Shubhashree Digital On boarding and Employee engagement 2020 Literature review
18. Dr Aruna Adarsh Abhilash P Importance of social scientific responsibility in Indian Education sysytem 2021 Preparing for Course work examination
19. Dr Pradeep M P



Work life Balance of Employees in IT sectors 2020 Completed Course work examination
20. Dr Pradeep M P



Marketing 2021 Yet to appear for course work exams
21. Dr Pradeep M P Sachin Marketing 2021 Yet to appear for course work exams
22. Dr Sindhu Bharath Prathika Shetty Workforce agility 2020 Completed evaluation of Doctoral committee 1
23. Dr Rakesh D Darshith Organization commitment 2020 Completed Course work examination
24. Dr Rakesh D Asiya Supply chain- challenges in Organised sector 2021 Yet to appear for course work exams
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No of students placed 175 140 117 112 103
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