Polymer Science and Technology

About Department

The Department of Polymer Science and Technology (PST) was established during 1987-88. It is the only department in the state of Karnataka offering engineering degree in PST (UG, PG, PhD). Department practices outcome based education in the domain of Polymeric materials to impart the science required for engineering skills to develop useful technology in terms of its chemistry, synthesis, blending, compounding, compositing, processing, testing, characterization, recycling, design, and research. It has the privilege of housing state-of-the-art laboratories; industrial collaborative activities; and recognition for research contributions.

Polymers are wonderful macromolecular materials known for their high strength-to-weight ratio with ease of mixing, coloring and shaping that replaces certain metallics & ceramics. Apart from natural polymers in the form of- DNA, skin, proteins, starch, cotton & cellulose (which are foundation components for life), there are hundreds of synthetic polymers in the form of plastics, rubbers, fibers, resins & lattices. With the engineering skills, they are tailor made to have numerous grades that are competitive for its application in almost every field of life viz. Agriculture, Automobile, Aerospace, Construction, Defence, Domestic, Electrical & Electronics, Food, Medical, Adhesives, Coating & Packaging, Submarine, Textiles, etc. Thus, Polymers everywhere!

Message from the department: The department of Polymer Science and Technology (PST) imparts knowledge through a closed knit family of competent mentors. Department caters to its domain industries, institutes and universities by offering fundamental training of polymer / material engineering concepts and skills to its UG and PG candidates. Our laboratories and the industrial training/ projects are well designed to meet the requirements of the industry by covering the entire syllabus. PST has been recognized for its excellence in research, industry-institute interactions, state of the art lab facilities and alumni support. For the last several years, it has been continuously accredited by the NBA. Our graduates are spread across the globe, and with this strong network we continue contributing to all the stakeholders.

As we are part of Material Science and Technology, our students get a unique opportunity to learn from the technological and multidisciplinary environment covering the chemical engineering, design, simulation and management related topics. And, opportunity exists to extend their choice to work with medical, electrical-electronics, civil, mechanical and environmental engineers, as the polymeric materials and its composites are the fundamental materials of interest for its advantageous properties of being lightweight, high strength to weight ratio, ease of shaping to precise dimensions, low cost, aesthetically feasible, etc., which are replacing other conventional materials in these domains. The website, brochure, departmental records and the profiles of individual faculty / alumni portrays the arena of activities including placements and achievements for the information of its stakeholders and aspirants.

It’s just the lack of right awareness among the public due to the limited and inappropriate news which are just confined to the single use plastics! Whereas, polymers are much more than this. It serves as substrate for many engineering and high-performance products, seals, adhesives, coatings, textiles, reinforcements, shields, etc. Thus, people are missing the opportunity to explore these wonderful materials which are part of smart systems without which the sensors and actuators would be just a dream. A huge potential exists in multidisciplinary research at universities and industries both in and abroad; also the government institutes have requirements of polymer engineers; and entrepreneurial opportunities is another portfolio that aspirants can invest upon.


To excel in polymer engineering education and research to serve as a valuable resource for multifaceted industry and society.


  1. To provide a well balanced curriculum and conducive environment to excel in polymer and allied engineering disciplines.
  2. To promote cutting edge polymer research by offering state-of-the-art facilities.
  3. To undertake collaborative projects for long term interactions with academia and industries.

  • NBA accredited for 5 times.
  • Excellent Research – Lab facilities.
  • Active in R&D: >30 PhDs, >360 research papers, >6 patents,
  • Good no. of R&D projects sponsored by UGC, CSIR, DST, DRDO, VGST, KSCST & others;
  • Research collaboration with Universities at South Korea, Brazil, France, Manchester, North Carolina, Malayisa & others. IITs, NITs, IISc etc
  • Excellent industry-institute interactions
  • Hosted 4 GIAN (MHRD) courses inviting foreign professors
  • Nodal point for professional bodies –
    • Indian Plastics Institute (IPI) Mysore chapter
    • Indian Rubber Institute (IRI) Karnataka Branch
  • Conducts Triennial national conference POLYCON & international conference ICMAT.
  • 7 MOUs: including JBNU, South Korea; IRI; Toyoda Gosei; Print Pack; Asian Polymers; UTC Aerospace; H&V; Ujwal Ind. Corp.;
  • Strong rapport with alumni (> 25 entrepreneurs)
  • Consultancy Services (~6 lakh per year)
  • Regular in technical events, industrial training & technical visits.
  • Supports all round activities through Polymer Engineering Students’ Association (PESA)

To expand the research collaboration with interdisciplinary industries, institutes and universities, both in and abroad, by involving faculty, students, research scholars, alumni and domain experts in the budding and thrust areas that require polymeric materials. Further, to create right awareness among the public and have outreach programs by involving stakeholders for contributing to society in an impactful way.

# Program Educational Objectives:
PEO – 1 To provide graduates with strong fundamentals of science and engineering for a successful career in Polymer Science & Technology.
PEO – 2 To enable graduates for higher education and innovative research to solve multidisciplinary issues.
PEO – 3 To equip graduates with technical skills and moral values for being responsible individuals.
# Program Specific Outcomes : Graduates receiving the Bachelor of Engineering in Polymer Science & Technology will be able to –
PSO-1 (Macromolecules): Apply the basic concepts of chemistry, physics, structure-property relationship and thermodynamics of macromolecules to design novel polymeric materials and composites.
PSO-2 (Rheology): Apply the knowledge of transport processes to solve rheological issues in polymer processing and mold design.
PSO-3 (Quality Control): Apply the knowledge of polymer testing and characterization for quality control.
# Program Specific Criteria
PSC-1 Apply chemistry, physics to understand structure, properties, rheology, processing, performance of polymeric materials systems, for selection and design of suitable components and processes to address the concerned issues.
PSC-2 Career development of members through research, consultancy and professional activities.
PSC-3 Provide collaborative learning opportunities through professional societies, industries, institutes and alumni fraternity for promoting PST education along with professional growth of associated individuals.

Programmes Offered

UG details PG details Research Programmes
 B.E. in PST

i) M. Tech. in PST;

ii) M. Tech. in Material Science and Engineering;

iii) Proposed: M. Sc. in Polymer Science

Ph.D. in PST

OBE Administration

The department academic advisory committee comprises HOD, faculty and external academicians/ subject experts/ industrialists/ alumni. The committee provides suitable advice for overall development of the department.

Sl. No. Name of the member Designation
Internal Members
1. Dr. S. Kivade Dean (Engg. & Tech)
2. Dr. Manoj Kumar Dean Academic
3. Dr. G.S. Ananthapadmanabha Professor & Head
4. Dr. Kameshwari Devi S. H. Associate Professor
5. Dr. Roopa S. Associate Professor
6. Dr. Pradeepa. K.G Assistant Professor
7. Dr. A. B. Hemavathi Assistant Professor
8. Mr. M. P. Chandresh Assistant Professor
External Members
9. Dr. Suresh B.

Professor & Head

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering,

NIE, Mysuru

Mob. 9448554243

10. Dr. Bellappa S.


Dept. of Chemistry

GSSS Institute of Eng. & Tech.for women.

Mysuru – 570016

Email: bellappas73@gmail.com.

Mob :9886959479


Mr. Naveen Urs.


Alumni, Dept. of PST.

JK Tyres, Mysuru.

Mob. 9986111303

It is constituted to assess the academic process of the program as follows-

  1. Assist in framing Course Outcomes and mapping COs to POs / PSOs.
  2. Contribute in the Teaching Learning Process of the program..
  3. Suggest additional assessment techniques other than CIE.
  4. Verify the course and program attainment process.
  5. Verify the action plans and their attainment in each course.

IAAC members:

  1. Dr. G. S. Ananthapadmanabha
  2. Dr. S. H. Kameswari Devi
  3. Dr. K. G. Pradeepa
Sl No Name of BOS Member Affliction



Dr. S. Kivade Dean (Engg. & Tech), SJCE Mysore
2 Dr. Manoj Kumar Dean Academic, SJCE Mysore
3 Dr. G.S. Ananthapadmanabha Chairperson, HoD, Dept. of PST

Dr. Kameshwari Devi S.H.


Associate Professor,  Dept. of PST
5 Dr. Roopa S Associate Professor,  Dept. of PST
6 Dr. Pradeepa. K.G. Assistant Professor,  Dept. of PST

Dr. Praveen C. Ramamurthy


Professor, Dept of Materials Eng.,Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru – 560 012.


Mob: +91 99169 67200.


Dr. Joy kisore pal


Lead scientist, SABIC,



Mob: +91 9980488667.

9 Dr. Saikat Das Gupta

Chief Scientist – Vice President,

HASETRI, Mysuru – 570 016.


Mob: +91 94146 81844

10 Dr. Indumathi R.

Filtrex Tech. Pvt. Ltd.,

Bengaluru – 560 043.


M: +91 91080 44882.

11 Mr. Gobbi D

Lead Engineer, Alstom, Bangalore


Mob: +91 9986812299


Dr. G. M. Madhu


Professor, Chem. Eng. Dept.,

MSRIT, Bengaluru – 560 054.


Mob: +91 93425 19580

13 Dr. A. B. Hemavathi Assistant Professor,  Dept. of PST
14 Mr. M. P. Chandresh Assistant Professor,  Dept. of PST
  1. Dr. G. S. Ananthapadmanabha
  2. Prof. M. P. Chandresh.
  1. Dr. G. S. Ananthapadmanabha
  2. Prof. Suchetha N Raju
  1. Dr. G. S. Ananthapadmanabha
  2. Dr. S. H. Kameswari Devi

Program & Year

Faculty Advisor

1st year B.E. Mrs. Suchetha N. Raju
2nd year B.E. Mr. M. P. Chandresh
3rd year B.E. Dr. K. G. Pradeepa
4th year B.E. Dr. Roopa S.
1st year M.Tech. Dr. Kameshwari Devi S.H.
2nd year M.Tech. Dr. A. B. Hemavathi

Details of Lab facilities

Name of the Lab

(with carpet area)

Major Equipment/ Important Facility
Plastics Processing Technology Lab. (38’x29’)

1)    Automatic injection molding machine

2)    Semi-automatic injection molding machine

3)    Automatic blow molding machine

4)    Plastic extruder (with film, pipe & pelletizing attachment)

Advanced Material Characterization Lab.

(25’x 29’)

1)      Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with EDAX Attachment

2)    Powder X-Ray Diffractometer (AXRD)

3)    Digital Gloss/Haze Meter

Rubber Processing Technology Lab. (38’x29’)

1)    Two Roll Mixing Mill

2)    Steam generating boiler with water softener

3)    Hot Feed Rubber Extruder

4)    Hydraulic Compression Molding Press

5)    Vertical Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine

6)    Pneumatic Blow Molding Machine

Polymer CAD Lab. (25’x29’)

1)     Computer systems (17 numbers)

2)     Multimedia Projector

Thermal and Rheology Lab. (25’x29’)


1)    Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) Q-200

2)    Thermo-gravimetric Analyzer (TGA) Q50

3)    Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA) Q-800

4)    FTIR  4100   Spectrometer with ATR Attachment

5)    Polarizing Microscope

6)    Torque Rheo-meter with Mixer Extruder

7)    LCR Meter

Polymer Testing Lab (13’x 29’)


1)    Computerized Universal Testing Machine

(Tensile/ flexural/ tear strengths)

2)    Computerized Impact Tester

3)    Computerized VST/HDT Apparatus

4)    Din Abrasion Tester

5)    Melt Flow Indexer

6)    Flammability Tester

Polymer Chemistry / Synthesis Lab.

(92’ x 29’)

1)    Hot air Oven

2)    Brookfield Viscometer

3)    Distill water plant

4)    Facilities to chemically analyze/ synthesize certain chemicals/ polymers at lab scale.

Physical Chemistry Lab  (23’x 29’)

Chemical Engineering Lab.

(25’x 29’)

1)        Tray Dryer

2)        Double pipe Heat exchanger

3)        Packed bed heat exchanger

4)        Fluidized bed

5)        Finned tube heat exchanger

Research Lab – 1

(12′ x 29’)

1) Humidity Chamber

2) Electronics Balance with Density Determination Kits

3) Probe Ultrasonic Processor

4) Hand Operated Hydraulic Press

5) Selective Inhibition Sintering RP Machine

Research Lab – 2

(12′ x 29’)

Know Your Faculty

Teaching faculty

Faculty Name






DOJ Nature of Association Profile



1 Dr.G.S.Ananthapadmanabha



M.Tech (IITD)

Ph.D  (IITD)

PROF.& Head 32 09-11-1987 Permanent




2 Dr.Kameshwari Devi S.H





Associate professor 25 22-10-1997 Permanent shkdevi@jssstuniv.in
3 Dr.Roopa S

B.E.,M.Sc (Engg)

By research Ph.D

Associate professor 24 20-10-1997 Permanent roopasm2000@jssstuniv.in
4 Dr. Pradeepa K.G. B.Tech,M.Tech,PhD Assistant professor



20-02-2003 Permanent pradeepakg@jssstuniv.in
5 Mr. Chandresh M. P. M. Tech. (PhD) in PST Assistant Professor 14 08-08-2008 Permanent chandreshmp@jssstuniv.in
6 Dr. A.B.Hemavathi B.E.,M.Tech,Ph.D Assistant professor 9 31-03-2012 permanent hemavathi@jsstuniv.in
7 Mrs. Suchetha. N. Raju M.Tech in PST Assistant professor 6 28-07-2015 permanent suchetha@jsstuniv.in
8 Dr. Vijayakumar M. S. Ph.D. Assistant professor New 2022 permanent vijayakumarms@jssstuniv.in

Dr. R. Mukhopadhyaya, JK Tyre Ltd., Mysore

Prof. Geoffrey Mitchel, Portugal

Er. B. Thej Kumar, VP, TGSIN, Bangalore

Prof. C. R. Narasimha

Mr. Naveen Kumar S.

  • Dr. N. P. Suryanarayana Rao
  • Dr. K. S. Jagadeesh
  • Dr. G. M. Shashidhara
  • Dr. Siddaramaiah
  • Prof. Sridharan
  • Prof. A. D. Madhuranath
  • Prof. K. H. Guruprasad
# Name Qualification Designation Exp.Yrs Email-ID
1       Mr. D. Harindra                        ar      Kumar Diploma in     Polymer Tech. Foreman   31 years       harindra@sjce.ac.in
2       Mr. K. Shivamurthy B.Sc. (PCM) Assistant Instructor   31 years       kempshiva02@gmail.com
3       Mr. B. Nagesh Rao SSLC,  ITI (DraftsMan) Assistant Instructor   32 years       nagesharao@yahoo.com
4       Ms. Preethi P. V. Diploma in Mech.Engg. Instructor 5 years Pr   preethivrp1994@gmail.com
5       Mr. Madhu D. Diploma in Mech.Engg. Instructor 5 years       dmadhukiran6@gmail.com
6       Ms. Chaithra H.S. M.Sc. B.Ed. Instructor 1 year C    chaithrahs25293@gmail.com
7       Ms.  Vani C. M.Sc. B.Ed. Instructor 1 year V    vanishivu@jssstuniv.in
# Name Qualification Designation Exp.Yrs Email-ID
1       Mr. B. Nagaraju S     SSLC (Fail) Helper  35 years B   bnagaraju643@gmail.com
2       Mr. S. Siddappa        VIII Standard Helper  35 years       siddappa1967.s@gmail.com

      Mr. Mahadevaswamy


        SSLC Helper  32 years       mahadevaswamybl1968@gmail.com
4       Mr. Ganesha


ITI (Fitter)

Helper  32 years         ganeshakandegala@gmail.com
5       Mr. Jagadeesha        SSLC Helper  32 years        jagadeesha.hs0709@gmail.com

BE 2020 scheme open Electives from PST to 5th - 7th semester of other branches

BE PST 2020 scheme 3rd to 8th full scheme & detailed syllabus

M.Tech. in MSE JSSSTU detailed syllabus ( 88 credits)

M.Tech. in PST JSSSTU detailed syllabus ( 88 credits)

M.Tech. in PST JSSSTU detailed syllabus ( 88 credits)_(6th BOS 2022)
M.Tech. in PST JSSSTU detailed syllabus ( 88 credits)_(6th BOS 2022)

1st year scheme of study & examination_2020 scheme & syllabus common to all branch

1st year scheme of study & examination_2020 scheme_syllabus common to all branch
1st year scheme of study & examination_2020 scheme_syllabus common to all branch

FDPs /Conferences / Workshops/ Seminars/ Technical Events Organized:

  1. GIAN Programme on “Emerging intelligent polymer materials: From science to industrial applications” from 16th to 27th July 2018, which is supported by MHRD, GOI, New Delhi, International faculty – Dr. Prashantha Kalappa, Professor, Institut Mines-Télécom, Lille-Douai, France.
  2. A two week GIAN Programme on “High value manufacturing (HVM) of advanced multi-functional composite materials through robotics: Aerospace, automotive and energy applications”, International faculty – Prof. Prasad Potluri, Professor & Research Director, Northwest Composites Center, University of Manchester, UK from 20/12/2018 to 31/12/2018.
  3. 3.         A two week GIAN Programme on, “Composite materials and structures: Processing & fabrication, analysis and design”, International faculty – Prof. Kunigal N. Shivakumar, North Carolina A & T State University, USA from 31-12-2018 to 11-01-2019.
  1. One week Faculty Development Program on ‘Recent Trends in Smart Materials and their Applications’ sponsored by TEQIP-III from 13th to 17th November 2018, organized by Dept. of PST and Physics, at SJCE Mysuru.
  2. One week Faculty Development Program sponsored by TEQIP phase-3 on the topic “Characterization of Materials by Advanced Analytical Techniques”, during 17th to 21st June 2019.
  3. One week Faculty Development Program sponsored by TEQIP phase-3 on the topic “Advanced Materials for Energy, Water & Health”, during 22nd – 27th July 2019.
  4. TEQIP sponsored One week Online Faculty Development Program at SJCE, JSSSTU On “Quality Control and Safety in Polymer & Allied Industries” 27th to 31st July 2020.
  5. One week online TEQIP-III sponsored FDP program on “Advanced or Smart processing Technology” from 10th  – 14th  Aug 2020
  1. One day workshop on “Advanced Analytical Techniques for Polymer Characterization” & MoU with M/s/ Toyoda Gosei South India Pvt. Ltd., Ramanagara, at JSSSTU, SJCE, Mysore, 29/1/2018.
  2. One day workshop on “Injection Molding and Beyond”, held at JSSSTU, SJCE, Mysore, in association with Toyoda Gosei South India Pvt. Ltd., Bidadi (TEQIP-II sponsored) held at JSSSTU, SJCE, Mysore, on 24th March 2018
  3. One day Workshop (‘DecaTrait’) for staff, researchers & students on “Application of our ancient spiritual principles to teaching and research” and interaction session on “better performance and career building” on 16th January 2019 at SJCE, JSSSTU campus by expert Dr. P. R. Mukund, Professor, RIT, USA
  4.  One Day Workshop “Japanese Culture and Management” at SJCE, JSS S&TU, Mysore on 23rd March 2019.
  1. Endowment Lecture- ‘Astral Poly Technik Ltd. Endowment Lecture on “Adapting Polymers to Present Scenario” 23rd October 2019, in association with Indian Plastics Institute (IPI), Mumbai.
  2. Endowment webinar- ‘Sintex BAPL Endowment webinar’ on 12th October 2020, in association with Indian Plastics Institute (IPI), Mumbai.
  1.  Industry expert lecture on “Microscopic techniques for polymer characterization from basics to application level” was held on 31st Jan 2022, 1st Feb and 5th Feb 2022 for 5th Semester BE students. Delivered by Ms. M B Pallavi, Senior Scientist, SABIC, Bangalore.
  2. A talk on “Career opportunities and higher studies options – means to achieve it” by Ms. Priyanka, The Princeton Review, Mysuru on 6th February 2018.
  3. A technical talk on the topic entitled, “X-Ray Diffractometer – A tool to characterize crystalline materials” on 12th February 2018 by Ms. Kriss Leftwich, Application Scientist, M/s PROTO Manufacturing, Canada.
  4. A technical talk by IIT professors, Dr. S.K Dey & Dr. Anil K Bhoumick on “Engineering applications of materials” on 17th February 2018.
  5. A technical talk on “Importance of managerial skills for engineers” by Mr. Thejkumar, General Manager, TOYODA Gosaei, Bangalore on 3rd March 2018.
  6. Technical lecture on “Existing and advanced rheological measurements on polymer and rubber compounds with rubber process analyzer (RPA)” by Dr. J. Rajganesh, Senior Application Specialist, TA instruments, Bangalore on 28th May 2018.
  7. Technical lecture on “Extrusion die design way to obtain precise shapes for rubber profiles” by Prof. Santanu Chattopadhyay, Rubber Technology Center, IIT, Kharagpur on 14th July 2018.
  8. Technical lecture on “Overview of Packaging materials and industries” by Dr. Vivek Chougle, Managing Director, Print Pack India Pvt. Limited. Bangalore on 2nd August 2018.
  9. Students – Expert interaction with Dr. Praveen C Ramamurthy, Professor, Dept. Material Science, IISc, Bangalore and a well-known researcher in the field of Polymer Science on 16th August 2018.
  10. Interaction with technical expert Dr. Ramesh, GTTC, Mysore on 20th August 2018.
  11. Interaction with technical expert Mr. Natesh and Mr. Nagesh from Hollingsworth and Vose (H & V), Mysuru on 5th September 2018.
  12. Technical lecture on “Conveyor and V-belt technology” by G. A. Ramesh, Technical Director, Hari Belts and Conveyors Pvt. Ltd., Mandya on 23rd November 2018.
  13. Technical lecture on “Significance of testing in rubber industry” by Dr. Saikat Das Gupta, Chief Scientist, Vice-president, HASETRI, JK Tyres and Industries Pvt. Ltd., on 26th December 2018.
  14. Technical talk on “Application of CAE in medical devices: Design & Production of Ocular inserts in the Management of Glaucoma” by Prof. Francis Lai. Dept. of Plastic Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, USA on 7th Jan 2017.
  15. A talk on “Higher studies and means to make it happen” by Prof. Geetha Sha, Manager, Vistamind, Mysuru on 24th January 2017.
  16. Technical talk on “Rubber materials: Role of accelerators and antioxidants” by Prof. Sridharan from MYPOL on 25th January 2017.
  17. A talk on “Role of graduates as an employee at industries” by Dr. R. Mukhopadhyay, Director (R&D) and CEO, HASETRI, JK Tyres and Industries Pvt. Ltd., on 19th April 2017.
  18. Technical talk on “Total quality management and its importance” by Mr. Vijaykumar, Senior Manager, TVS Auto components, Mysuru on 23rd September 2017.
  19. Technical talk on “Comparison of injection v/s transfer molds: Sprue design” by Mr. Van Walworth, Technobiz, USA on 1st April 2016.
  20. Technical talk on “Specialty chemicals for rubber, latex and tire industry” by Mr. Arindam Ghosh, Head, Sales and Business Development, Rheinchemie Additives, on 14th April 2016.
  21. Technical talk on “Replacement of ceramics by elastomers as insulators for high voltage power transmission: The prospects and challenges” by Prof. D Khastgir, Rubber Technology Center, IIT, Khargpur on 21st July 2016.
  22. A talk on “Global engineering education-emerging trends and challenges” by Dr. R. Mukhopadhyay, Director (R&D) and CEO, HASETRI, JK Tyres and Industries Pvt. Ltd., on 14th November 2016.
  1. Webinar on “Tribology: Friction and wear characterization”, 19th May 2020, in collaboration with M/S. ‘Anton Paar Solutions’.
  2. Webinar on “Nano Material Synthesis”, 22nd May 2020, in collaboration with m/s. ‘Anton Paar Solutions’.
  3. Webinar on “Overview of polymer packaging technology & career opportunities”, 17th June 2020.
  4. Webinar on Product design -An overview  by Nanthakumar.V, Divisional Manager Product Design, Tooling & Development   Toyoda Gosei South India Pvt. Ltd. Bidadi  conducted on  27th June 2020.
  5. National level online quiz on Polymer science and Engineering held during 31st August 2020 – 7th September 2020 organized by Department of Polymer Science and Technology.
  6. Webinar on “Maintenance in Injection Molding” on 12th Sept 2020, Speaker Mr. Balamurugan, Head, Maintenance Dept., TGSIN, Bidadi.
  7. Webinar on “Quality Management Approach” on 19th Sept 2020, Speaker Shri D K Mohan, Head, Quality Dept., TGSIN, Bidadi.
  8. Webinar on 3D Printing, Design and Applications, Organized by the Department of Polymer Science and Technology, SJCE, JSSSTU, Mysuru in association with 3Dexter, New Delhi on 29th September 2020.
  9. Webinar on “Stress to Rest” Organized by the Department of Polymer Science and Technology, with Equal opportunity cell, SJCE, JSSSTU, Mysuru on 21/11/2020 at 11 AM by Shri B. Thej Kumar, Vice President, TGSIN.
  10. Webinar on “Overview of Poly vinyl alcohol and the impact of formaldehyde emission from the wood adhesives on human health” in association with Kuraray India Pvt Ltd., Mumbai on 17th Dec 2020, Speaker: Dr. Mandar Mohan Nate, Technical Service Manager, Kuraray India Pvt Ltd.
  1. PST Global online Alumni meet on 29th January 2022
  2. Organized online alumni address on “Higher Studies Prospects for Polymer Graduates in Europe” delivered by Mr. M. R. Bharadwaj,
  3. PhD Scholar, University of Antwerp, Belgium on 25th September 2021.
  4. Organized an alumni interaction with students of PST on “Opportunities in abroad for polymer graduates” with Ms. Meghashree Kanike (2008 batch alumnus), Project Engineer, Schaefer Rolls, Germany on 28th August 2021.
  5. PST Global online Alumni meet on 29th August 2020.
  6. Student-alumni interaction regarding opportunities in polymer Mr. Nabeel Ahmed, Alumnus (2015 batch), on 31th Aug 2019.
  7. Interaction with Alumni Mr. Arun Nayak (2008 batch) on “How to flex your future in the world of polymers- opportunities and pathways” on 11th Sept 2019
  8. “YUDO Best Polymer Technocrat Award-2019 and PST Alumni Meet”, Saturday, 7th September 2019, supported by Yudo Hot Runner India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.
  9. Student-alumni interaction about ”Higher studies and job opportunities in polymer and allied industries” by Mr. Arun B. K, Bosch Company, Bangalore on 10th March 2018.
  10. Students – Alumni interaction with distinguished alumni of PST, Dr. Basavaraj, Project Manager, Albeny, Newyork on his experience in different field and opportunities ahead on 2nd August 2018.
  11. Interaction with Alumni Mr. Bharadraj, Ph.D Scholar, Department of Chemistry, University of Antwerp, Belgium on 20th August 2018.
  12. Interaction with technical expert Mr. Natesh and Mr. Nagesh from Hollingsworth and Vose (H & V), Mysuru on 5th September 2018.
  13. Student-alumni interaction regarding placement preparation for Reliance Industries by Mr. Puneeth T Somaiah, Alumnus and Employee at Reliance Industries Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara, Gujarat on 10th November 2017.
  14. Student-alumni interaction regarding placement preparation for Reliance Industries by Mr. Prashanth kumar V, Alumnus and Employee at Reliance Industries Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara, Gujarat on 11th November 2017.
  15. Student-alumni interaction regarding placement preparation for Reliance Industries by Mr. Akshay N, Alumnus and Entrepreneur, Ujwal Industries on 21st November 2016.
  1. Panel Discussion on “Polymers- the materials for future”, 09th June 2018 in association with Indian Plastics Institute (IPI) Mysore Chapter.
  2. Panel discussion on “Automation- What lies for the future Polymer Technologists & Engineers”, 25th August 2018.
  3. Panel discussion on “Advanced Materials Current Scenario: Industry, Research and Society”, 16th January 2020.
  4. Online Panel Discussion on “Progression of Polymer Education and Polymer Industry”, 18th July 2020
  • Finishing School on “Industrial prospects on polymer compounding, processing and quality control” for final BE students (TEQIP-II sponsored), October 2016 to February 2017.
  • National Conference on Novel Polymeric Materials (POLYCON-2017), SJCE, Mysore, 15-16, Sept. 2017.
  • Second International Conference on Advanced Materials and Technology (ICMAT-20), in association with JBNU South Korea, MLVTEC, Bhilwara and TEQIP III Initiative, held at SJCE, Mysuru, India, 16th -18th January 2020.

PESA (Polymer Engineering Students Association)

  • PESA is a voluntary student club of PST established in 1996 by students of PST.
  • The PESA maintains a departmental library which encompasses some of the reference books donated by alumni/visitors, student project and seminar reports, newsletters, conference proceedings and some of the subject related edited textbooks.
  • It also supports co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of PST students such as industrial visits, technical exhibition travel grants.
  • The other activities of PESA include organization of technical lecture meets, alumni interactions, fresher’s day for 3rd semester students and send-off for final year students.

Research initiatives

# Research Guide

Area of Specialization


1 Dr. S. Roopa 

Sustainable rubber/plastic  compound development, Interpenetrating Polymer Networks,

Sorption studies, green composites

2 Dr.Kameshwari Devi S.H.  Biodegradable polymers ,  biopolymers , polymer blends, Nanocomposites , wood composites , recycling of polymer waste and  material development for  value added products.
3 Dr. A B Hemavathi  Polymer Recycling, Nanocomposites, Membrane Technology, Biopolymers, Smart packaging materials, Polymers for energy harvesting applications.
4 Dr. Pradeepa. K. G Nanocomposites, Green composites, Smart biomaterials, Polymer blends and alloys, 3D printing
S. No. Name of the Research Scholar Guide

Research Scholar

(Full/Part Time)

Research Topic Registration Year Status
 1 Tejas M P  A B Hemavathi  Part Time Design and development of woven fabric composites for construction related applications  2021 Course work completed
2 Mr. M. P. Chandresh Dr.S.Roopa Part time Preparation and Characterization of Liquid Rubber Blends and Compounds 2015 Open seminar 1 and 2 completed
3 Mr. Gnana Sandeep S R Dr.S.Roopa Part time Studies on the effect of biobased ingredients on rheological, physico-mechanical and thermal properties of rubber compound 2016 Course work completed
4 Prajith P Dr.S.Roopa Part time

Study on the thermal, electrical and mechanical properties of conducting polymer based nanocomposites


2018 Course work completed
5 Rajasekhar.M Dr.S.Roopa Part time Studies on non-edible oil based soluble cutting fluids for machining applications 2018 Comprehensive viva-vocecompleted
6 Suchetha N Raju Dr.Kameshwari Devi S.H. Part time 3D printing 2019 Course work completed

The department has signed MoU’s with the following organizations/institutes

  1. Jeonbuk National University, Republic of South Korea,  (2017 & 2020)
  2. Toyoda Gosei South India Pvt. Ltd., Bidadi, (2017 & 2020)
  3. Indian Rubber Institute, Karnataka (2016)
  4. Asian Polymers, Thubinakere, Mandya  (2019)
  5. H&V Advanced Materials India Pvt limited, Mysuru (2019)
  6. 6.      Ujwal industrial corporation, Mysuru (2020)

Completed Funded Project Details:

# Project Title Principal Investigator Duration Funding Agency Amount Action Date of Sanction
 1 Preparation and characterization of biodegradable active food packaging film based on PLA/PCL and turmeric essential oil extracted from biowaste.


Dr.Kameshwari Devi S.H.

3 months KSCST Rs.10000 Completed 11th May 2022
2 Conversion Of Municipal Plastic Waste With Incorporation Of Wood Waste From Carpentry Works Into Value Added Product For Domestic Applications 



Dr.Kameshwari Devi S.H.

3 months KSCST Rs.6000 Completed 24th April 2021
3 Evaluation Of Ternary Metal Oxide Decorated Graphene Based Polymer Nanocomposites As Electrode Materials For High Performance

Dr.Siddaramaiah, Dr.Somesh T.E


Dr.Roopa S (I/C guide )

6 months KSCST Rs.6000 Completed 24th April 2021
4 Studies on used ground tire blended polymers for domestic applications



Dr.Kameshwari Devi S.H

6 months KSCST Rs.6000 Completed March 2002
5 Design and fabrication of instrumented dart impact tester



Dr.Kameshwari Devi S.H

6 months KSCST Rs.1000 Completed March 99
6 Investigation on membrane applications of elastomeric materials Dr.Siddaramaiah  and Dr. S.Roopa 2 years AICTE 6.0 lakhs Completed 1999
7 Investigation on thermoset plastic  grind waste and naturally occurring mineral fillers incorporate d hybrid rubber composites Dr.Siddaramaiah  and Dr. S.Roopa 3 years VTU 7.5 lakhs Completed 2010
Year Amount Generated Some of the major consultancy services Some of the major consultancy  firms
2021-22   4,79,525

 A) Polymer Processing/ Compounding:

●        Haake rheomix and twin screw extruder

●        Injection and compression molding


B) Polymer Testing:

●        Tensile and Flexural Test

●        Impact Strength

●        Density / specific gravity

●        Melt flow index

●        Ash content


C) Polymer Characterization:

●     Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)

●     Thermo-gravimetric Analyzer (TGA)

●     Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA)

●      Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

●     Powder X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD)

●     Infra-red Spectroscopy (FTIR)

Industries like:

·         MYPOL, Mysore

·         BEML, Mysore

·         Indo US MIM, Bangalore

·         Steer Engg., Bangalore,

·         DRDO, Mysore,

·         CIPET, Mysore

·         Skanray Technologies, Mysuru

·         Asian Polymers, Mandya

H&V , Nanjanagudu

Research Scholars from various academic and research institutes like-

NITK, NIE, CMRIT, Dayanada Sagar college, PES, Govt Engg colleges, DFRL, CFTRI etc.

2020-21   6,21,784
2019-20 16,64,216
2018-19   4,79,092
2017-18   5,19,985
2016-17   3,00,316

Interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary collaboration is a key for success in the research. The department has national and international collaborations from academic and research institutions.

The THRUST AREA for research activities carried out in the department includes

i) Green composites

ii) Nano-composites

iii) Sustainable material development

iv) Recycling; Polymer waste utilization

v) Biopolymers

vi) Biodegradable materials

vii) Polymer blends, alloys, compounds and composites based on elastomers, plastics, thermosets, Thermoplastic elastomers.

viii) Materials for packaging, automobile, biomedical and other engineering applications like energy harvesting (fuel cells/ solar cells) or smart applications (sensors) – in collaboration.

Dr.Kameshwari Devi S.H.

  1. Design, Development and Performance Evaluation of Biodegradable Polyolefin -. Resil chemicals pvt ltd
  2. Development of Polycarbonate Composites for LED Light Diffuser Application -Resil chemicals pvt ltd
  3. Effect of PTFE content on machinability and mechanical properties of Nylon 6 / glass fiber composites – Brakes India pvt ltd .
  4. Development of Cassava Based Thermoplastic Starch/Polypropylene Blends” Sponsored by Eka Pak Global (India) Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru
  5. Effect of PTFE content on machinability and mechanical properties of  Nylon6 / glass fiber composites – Brakes India pvt ltd .
  6. Study on effect of recycling on properties of PP/Starch blends – Eka pack global India limited, Bengaluru
  7. Evaluation of Phthalocyanine green pigment and  polyester resin for coil coating application”  sponsored by AkzoNobel India pvt ltd Bengaluru
  8. Identification, Analysis And Elimination Of Crazing And Other Defects” sponsored by Toyoda Gosei South India Pvt. Ltd. Bidadi.
  9. Identification, Analysis and reduction of defects in injection molded automotive parts using statistical methods” sponsored by Toyoda Gosei South India Pvt. Ltd. Bidadi.
  10. Preparation and characterization of biodegradable plastic films – M/s Vasiprak FNB pvt ltd Bengaluru.
  11. Effect Of Tetramethylthiuram Disulfide (TMTD) On Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) Based Compound For Tubeless Tyre Valve -Triton valves pvt ltd
  12. Polymer Material Assessment For Pontoons Of Floating Photovoltaic System – SABIC Research and Technology, Bangalore
  13. Preparation and characterization of rPP /rPET Blends – Eka pack global India limited, Bengaluru
  14. Mechanical Recycling of thermoformed containers – Eka pack global India limited, Bengaluru

Dr. A B Hemavathi

  1. Preparation and Characterization of Synthetic Rubber Based and Acrylic Based Removable Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Tape. 3M India Limited, Pune, 2015-16.
  2. Study on anaerobic biodegradation behavior of PP/EVOH food packaging containers. Eka Pack global India Limited, Bengaluru, 2019-20.
  3. Development of Milled Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon Composites. Brakes India Pvt. Ltd. 2021-22.
  4. Studies to Reduce Molding Edge Cut Defects in Tyre Valve Assembly. Triton Valves Pvt. Ltd., 2021-22.
  5. Development of Cost Effective Thermoplastic Starch Formulation. Eka pack global India limited, Bengaluru, 2021-22.


  1. Synthesis and Evaluation of Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, 3M, Bangalore, 2013
  2. Study on the effect of block rubber on tire tread compound, JK Tyre, 2015
  3. Design & Development of Nitrosamine Free Rubber Compounds – Mypol, Mysore, 2018
  4. Studies on the effect of inflation pressure and curing temperature on the quality of automotive tyre tube. Mypol, Mysore, 2019
  5. Multi-Attribute Based Decision Making for Selection of Heat Reflective Glazing for Automobiles, Volvo group, Bangalore, 2022
  6. Investigation on the Effect of Steam Sterilization of Multi-layered Film in Medical Packaging, Baxter Innovations and Business Solutions Pvt Ltd (BAXTER), Bangalore, 2022

Dr. Pradeepa. K.G

  1. Improving the flame retardancy in wood plastic composite material, Spectalite, Bangalore, india. In 2020 -21
  2. Development of biodegradable starch based packaging peanuts, TGP Bioplastics, Maharashtra, India.in 2021 – 22.

Dr.Kameshwari Devi S.H.

 1.Invited talk on Dynamic mechanical analysis in Faculty Development Programme of one week (27/07/2019  to  31/07/2019) on “Quality Control and Safety in Polymer & Allied Industries” organized by department of Polymer science and Technology, SJCE ,Mysuru

  1. “Best paper award with  III- Prize”  A student project,  Kaushik Datta, Kishora V K, Sushmitha S, Chiranjeevi M C, S.H.Kameshwari Devi and  Sandhya Rao”Comparative studies on thermal and microwave curing of Kevlar-Epoxy oven prepreg laminates” presented in an ISAMPE National Conference on Composites: INCCOM-15 (CSIR Platinum Jubilee Year 2016-17), under the theme   “Emerging Trends in Design and Development of Composite Materials and Structures”            organized by Indian Society for Advancement of Materials and Process  Engineering ,Bangalore Chapter In Association with National Aerospace Laboratories (CSIR-NAL) Bangalore, held at CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories, Bengaluru March 2-3, 2017.
  2. “Best paper award, A  students project paper entitled  ‘‘Study on effect of ThermoPlastic Polyurethane on thermal and mechanical properties  of Polycarbonate’’ presented in National level symposium CHEMEXEL-2011, organized by the Department of Chemical Engineering, Bapuji Institute of Engineering  and Technology,Davengere,on 21st October 2011.
  3. “Project of the Year” in Seminar cum exhibition held at BMS college of Engineering, Bangalore in 1999 for the student project “Design and fabrication of instrumented dart impact tester” sponsored by KSCST. Bangalore.

Dr. Pradeepa. K.G

  1. Awarded the “Merit Scholarship in Polymer Processing “(Cash award of Rs.50,000/-) for academic excellence and innovative research by the Polymer Processing Academy on the second foundation day held in Pune on  March 17, 2012.
Particulars 2021-22 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17
Total students 24 38 27 38 29 35
Placed in industries 19 25 15 24 23 25
Higher studies 3 12 7 12 3 9
Others 2 1 5 2 3 1


(Graduated Year)

Designation & Affiliation Remarks (link/ achievements/ feedback/ testimony)

Mr. Ganesh M.,

(1992 )


Managing Director, GLS Polymers Pvt. Ltd.

Chief Executive Officer, E3 wood inc.

It’s great pleasure & honor that I completed my B.E. in PST from 1st batch in 1992; & served as lecturer at this esteemed organization  with the blessing of His Holiness. Presently, I have  2 organizations: GLS Polymers Pvt. Ltd., (MD) & E3 Wood Inc (CEO). I am proud that this department is working like a Gurukula & I have learnt  many things to turn out as an entrepreneur. I know the huge potential in this field especially in terms of innovation, entrepreneurship, research  and development; thus, we can not think of a day without polymers. Even my daughter is into PST.
Mr. Thej Kumar B., (1995) Associate Vice President – Operations, Product Development and Quality, Toyoda Gosei  South India Pvt. Ltd., Bidadi. The BEST AMONGST THE REST. Yes, when it’s Polymer Science & Engineering education, Department of PST, SJCE, JSSTU is in par excellence with its world class infrastructure, highly committed and dedicated staff nurturing the students with great passion and energy. Enrichment of knowledge through multiple MOU with industries and Universities and an outstanding placement record, having students spread across the globe in great organizations. It’s a perfect place to realize one’s career dream in wonderful materials.

Faculty members and research scholars undertake research work along with their regular teaching workload. The statistics are given below –

Number of publications till date:

International Journals International Conferences Books / chapters Patents Others
400+ 500+ 15+ 5 10+
  • Siddaramaiah, Nithin Kundachira Subramani, Sachidananda S, Shilpa K.N and M. Jagjeevan Raj: Multifunctional Polymer Nanocomposite Thick film Based Optical Band Pass Filter and Photovoltaic Converter (material), Application number 201841009671 (project number IP-3570-IN- 17181077-NPA-2019) March 2019.
  • Siddaramaiah, Nithin, K.S., Sachidananda, S., Shilpa K.N. and B.M. Jagajeevan Raj “Biodegradable Polymer Based Fruit Packaging Materials with Improved Shelf life”, (under process).
  • Chandresh et. al., “Smart IOT based recharging points for electric vehicles”. (15th April 2022). Indian Patent Application. No.202221007543 A.
  • Chandresh M. P., & Roopa S. “Energy efficient toughening of brittle bioplastic PLA for fracture safety enhancement through novel approach of TPV development using liquid isoprene rubber”. (2022). Indian Patent application no. 202241043001.
  • V. Gowda, Afrasim Moin, Meenakshi S., Manohar M., Hemalatha S., Siddaramaiah, Sathish Babu P., Syed Mohd Danish Rizvi, Talib Hussain, and M.A. Kamal, “A paradigm shift in the developments of anti-Candida drugs” Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, 19 (28) (2019) 2610-2628.
  • P. Chandresh, C. D. Ani Dechamma, M. Bhavana, N. Rameshwara, and S. Roopa. “Toughening of unsaturated polyester resin by solid elastomers and liquid rubbers: A review.” International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology, vol. 8, issue 4, 2021, pp 4885-4891.
  1. S., Roopa and Siddaramaiah. “Effect of Cenosphere on the Performance of Polyurethane/Polystyrene Interpenetrating Polymer Network Green Composites.” Emergent Research on Polymeric and Composite Materials. Edt., R. Somashekhar, IGI Global, 2018. 158-185. Web. 25 Sep. 2017. doi:10.4018/978-1-5225-3023-7.ch007.
  2. D.V.Gowda, K.S.Nitin, S. Praveen, Bhavya, M.V and Siddaramaiah: “Polymers in cosmetics: An overview”, Encyclopedia of Polymer Applications, Edited by Mishra, Taylor and Francis Group, New York, USA 2018.
  3. Roopa, S. (2018). Effect of Cenosphere on the Performance of Polyurethane/Polystyrene Interpenetrating Polymer Network Green Composites. In Emergent Research on Polymeric and Composite Materials (pp. 158-185). IGI Global.
  4. Das, S., Satpathi, H., Roopa, S., & Gupta, S. D. (2021). Sustainability of the tire industry: Through a material approach. In Applied Biopolymer Technology and Bioplastics: Sustainable Development by Green Engineering Materials (pp. 53-98). Apple Academic Press.
  5. Roopa, S., Sowmya, B., Preethi, S., & Rabel, A. M. (2021). Polylactic Acid: An Eco-Friendly Material in the Packaging Industry, Paving the Way Toward a Greener Environment. In Green Polymer Chemistry and Composites (pp. 49-68). Apple Academic Press.
  6. Roopa, S., & Chandresh, M. P. (2021). High Energy Radiation: A Promising Media for the Synthesis of Hydrogels Free from Toxic Chemicals. In Applications of Biodegradable and Bio-Based Polymers for Human Health and a Cleaner Environment (pp. 459-493). Apple Academic Press.
  7. AB Hemavathi and Siddaramaiah. Food packaging applications of polymers. In Encyclopedia of Polymer Applications, 1st edition. Mishra, M. (Ed.). (2018), Boca Raton: CRC Press.
  8. A B Hemavathi, A S Zarena, M P Chandresh and Siddaramaiah. Epoxy based Composite Materials for Advanced Biomedical Applications. In Polymer Based Functional Materials for Biomedical Applications, 2021, IGI Global (In press).
  1. Lakshmi, S., G. M. Shashidhara, G. M. Madhu, Rhea Muthappa, H. K. Vivek, and MN Nagendra Prasad. “Characterization of peroxidase enzyme and detoxification of phenols using peroxidase enzyme obtained from Zea mays L waste.” Applied Water Science 8, no. 7 (2018): 207.
  2. Karmarkar, Sonali, and G. M. Shashidhara. “Thermal decomposition kinetics of jute fiber filled HDPE composites.” Journal of the Indian Academy of Wood Science 15, no. 1 (2018): 33-40.
  3. Santhosh, G.P. Nayaka, B.S. Madhukar, and Siddaramaiah: “Luminescent down-shifting aluminosilicate nanocomposites: an efficient UVA shielding Material for photovoltaics”, J. Mater. Sci.: Materials in Electronics, 29 (2018), 6720–6729.
  4. S. Madhukar, D.G. Bhadregowda, K. Hemalatha, R. Somashekar and Siddaramaiah: “Polyurethane/soya protein isolate green composites: Spectral, microstructural, thermal, swelling and biodegradation behaviors”, Advances in Polym. Tech., 37(2) (2018) 399-410 (Impact factor – 1.114, ISSN: 1098-2329).
  5. Chethana and Siddaramaiah: “Restricted equilibrium swelling of n-alkanes posed by ginger spent filled polyurethane green composites during sorption, desorption, resorption and redesorption processes”, Advances in Polym. Tech., 37(2) (2018) 484-497 (Impact factor – 1.114, ISSN: 1098-2329).
  6. S. Nithin, S. Sachhidananda, K.N. Shilpa and Siddaramaiah: “Refractive index engineering of poly (vinyl alcohol)/Li2ZnO2 nanocomposites: Effect of filler content and annealing temperature”, AIP Conf. Proc., 1943, (2018) 020127-1–020127-9.
  7. Adel M.N Saeed, Murad Q.A. Al-Gunaid and Siddaramaiah: “Effect of lithium perchlorate on the opto-electrical and thermal properties of poly (vinyl pyrrolidone)/nano cesium aluminate solid polymer electrolytes”, Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engg., 57 (15) (2018) 1554–1566.
  8. S. Nithin, S. Sachhidananda, K.N. Shilpa, B. Suresha, B.M. Jagajeevan Raj and Siddaramaiah: Optoelectronic behaviours of UV shielding calcium zirconate reinforced polycarbonate nanocomposite films: An optical view, Materials Today: Proceedings, 5 (2018) 16626–16632.
  9. Vasundhra, Ajay Bhardwaj, P.C. Deepika and Siddaramaiah: “Zinc incorporated nano hydroxyl apatite: A novel bone graft used for regeneration of intrabony defects”, Contemporary Clinical Dentistry, 9(3) (2018) 427-433.
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  14. Santhosh, G.P. Nayaka, B.S. Madhukar, B.C. Hemaraj and Siddaramaiah: “Influence of gamma radiation on optical properties of halloysite nanotubes incorporated polycarbonate Nanocomposites”, Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids 173 (5-6) 2018, 489–503.
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  20. Sachhidananda, K.S. Nithin, Shilpa Kasargod Nagaraj, B.M. Jagajeevan Raj and Siddaramaiah: “Patina-green coloured light emitting polycarbonate films: A synergistic extraction of improved UV endurance and considerate spectral down-conversion”, Journal of Luminescence, 210 (2019), 276-284.
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  37. Chandresh Mysore Parameshwaraiah and S. Roopa, “Impact Modification of SAN by Dynamic Vulcanization with Liquid Isoprene Rubber”, Journal of Xi’an Shiyou University, Natural Science Edition, Vol. 18, Issue 2, February 2022: 194-198. (ISSN 1673-064X). Retrieved from https://www.xisdxjxsu.asia/ published by Xi’an Petroleum University
Funding Agency Amount (INR)

Project Title



40 lakhs Establishing the faculty for testing and characterization of polymeric  materials
TEQIP-II, Initiative 144 lakhs Establishing Centre for Advanced Materials Laboratory with SEM and XRD.
  • Higher studies / Research at premium research institutes or universities both in India & Abroad.
  • Jobs at MNCs / Private Industries / Public Sector in the divisions of: manufacturing, design, technical marketing, quality control (analysis / testing / simulation), product development etc.
  • Others include: IT Sectors, Entrepreneurship, Academics, Civil Services & Other Businesses.

The Chemistry and Physics of Polymers (Plastics, Rubbers, Thermosets); Macromolecular Synthesis, Blending, Compounding, Compositing, Processing, Characterization, Testing and Recycling. Design of Molds/Dies & Products. Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering, Material Science, Transport Phenomena including Fluid Mechanics along with Heat & Mass Transfer, Rheology, Kinetics, Management and Research. (Topics of current advancements are offered as electives. Viz. nanotechnology, additive manufacturing, smart/ advanced materials, Bio materials, fiber technology, membrane technology, coatings etc.)

Our graduates are working across > 50 plastic & composite material based organizations & > 15 rubber related organizations. On an average, PST Graduates of every batch opt –

  • Core Job : 50 – 75 %
  • Higher Studies: 5 – 20 % (>15 intl. varsities)
  • Others : 5 – 10 %

A) Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in PST

·      Eligibility criteria –

★      Science stream students completing 2nd PUC / 12th grade & entrance exams like K-CET. [CET CODE for opting the branch: EO21PT]

★      Diploma/ CIPET students (Polymer or related stream) can seek admission to 2nd year B.E. through lateral entry (as per DTE, GOK) by clearing D-CET entrance exams.

B) M.Tech. in Material Science & Engineering

·      Eligibility criteria – B.E. / B.Tech in the allied streams, namely Polymer, Plastic, Rubber, Textiles, Mechanical, Industrial Production, Material Science, Chemical Engineering, IEM, EEE, ECE, IT, Civil Engg., CTM; OR M.Sc. in Polymer Science, Material Science, Chemistry, Physics;With a valid entrance test score: PGCET / GATE.

C) Doctorate degree –  Ph.D.

Post graduate candidates can pursue Ph.D. either on full-time basis (with stipend) or on part-time basis (for working scholars, which may also be industry sponsored) as per JSS STU norms.