:: GCELL ::

“Minimizing disagreements and maximizing academics”

While imparting professional education, we take utmost care that students and other stake holders feel the comfort in the campus. We at JSS S&T University  practice transparency, justice so that stake holders are not suffered. In fact campus is highly spiritual under the guidance of our Vice Chancellor, Prof. B G Sangameshwara. Campus observes high moral and ethical practices. Our GRMC, Grievances Redressal Mechanisms Committee efficiently addresses General grievances, Ragging issues, Women issues and SC/ST issues on the campus, as per guidelines of AICTE, JSS S&T University, Govt. of Karnataka. There are four sections in the GRM. Grievances Redressal Committee resolves issues regarding infrastructure, functioning or quarrels etc. Anti Ragging Committee, where students can lodge the complaint related to ragging and are handled as per Anti Ragging rules laid by government. Internal Complaints Committee for Women, where female can lodge the complaint and get their problem solved. It is set up as per the directives of the Supreme Court of India (Vishakha Guidelines), to uphold the dignity of women at work place. Committee for SC/ ST looks after complaints as per government act no.33 of 1989. Each committee is coordinated by staff member of institute.

:: Facility ::

The person concerned can personally approach to any member of the Cell. Person can give written complaint. Forms are available with department clerks or on this web site. Moreover, for Anti-Ragging and General grievances, you can send email on gcell@jssstuniv.in. In case of women harassment, you can send mail on wcell@jssstuniv.in Suggestion cum complaint boxes have also been installed at different places in the college campus, in which the students, staff can put in writing their grievances and their suggestions for improving the academics and administration in the college. Written complaints are encouraged; however one may choose to remain anonymous. Such complaints will be considered in positive spirit.

:: General Grievances ::

Dr. P Nagesh
Designation Chairman Smiley face
Department Dean Management, JSS STU JSSTIC Mysuru-06
Email ID pnagesh1973@rediffmail.com
Mobile No 9686677229
Dr. Prakash K
Designation Member Smiley face
Department Prof & Head, Dept of Civil, JSSSTU JSSTIC, Mysuru-06
Email ID kprakash60@yahoo.com
Mobile No 9483341204
Dr. S K Niranjan
Designation Member Smiley face
Department Prof & Head, Dept of MCA, JSSSTU JSSTIC, Mysuru-06
Email ID sriniranjan@yahoo.com
Mobile No 9844162281
Dr. B M Sadhashivamurthy
Designation Member Smiley face
Department Professor, Dept of Env. Engg., JSSTIC, Mysuru-06
Email ID bmsada@yahoo.com
Mobile No 9900504023
Dr. Nagashree S
Designation Member Smiley face
Department Assistant Professor, Dept of Chemistry JSSTIC, Mysuru-06
Email ID nagurds@gmail.com
Mobile No 9880447482
Dr. Brunda S
Designation Member Smiley face
Department Assistant Professor, Dept of CSE, JSSTIC, Mysuru-06
Email ID sbrunda@sjce.ac.in
Mobile No 784692284
Dr. Aruna Adarsh
Designation Member Smiley face
Department Assistant Professor, Dept of MBA JSSTIC, Mysuru-06
Email ID aaruna900@gmail.com
Mobile No 9900269766
Mr. Dikshith
Designation Student Member UG (from boys) Smiley face
Department Dept. of Electronics & Instr. Engg. JSSTIC, Mysuru-06
Email ID diksh04@gmail.com
Mobile No 96322 88325
Ms. Shubhashree
Designation Student Member UG (from girls) Smiley face
Department Dept. of Comp. Sci. & Engg. JSSTIC, Mysuru-06
Email ID shubhashreehebbar@gmail.com
Mobile No 9449905211

With reference to AICTE Approval Process handbook 2016-17, Committee for SC/ST (As per the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (prevention of Atrocities) act No. 33 of 1989, dated 11.09.1989) is constituted. Member Secretary coordinates and maintains the summery of all transactions related to grievances in JSSSTU. This committee spreads awareness and prevent untoward incidence regarding these matters as well as handle the complaints with reference to the above said act.