Industrial visit to Nokia Networks

An industrial visit to Nokia Networks, Manyata Embassy Business Park, Silver Oak Bangalore was organized for the students of seventh semester on 25th September,2018. At Nokia, the students were given an
insight about Nokia by Mr. Ravikumar K, technical Specialist, Nokia Networks, Bengaluru. An informative insight into the evolution of telecommunication network, the journey of the communication network from 1G all the way to the cloud supported 5G was explained by Mr.
Muthukumar U, R&D Engineer, Nokia Networks, Bengaluru. Later a visit to SRN Labs (Shared Reference Network Laboratory) where the hardware configuration of the Base Station Controller (BSC), Mobile station Controller and the hardware evolution of the
network components were demonstrated.
An interactive session on Scenarios with LTE by Mr. Nitin Goyal, Finance and Controlling Professional, Nokia Networks, Bengaluru, which endowed the students with
information about different aspects that come into picture while using Lte was held. Following it a brief informative session on VoWIFI and IMS Architecture by Mr. Vivek Bansal, GSD PMO program Manager, Nokia Networks, Bengaluru. Then the students were given a hands-on
experience on Cloud computing, by teaching them step by step installation procedure of Hypervisor on VM ware and brief insight on how to use it. Overall the Industrial visit bridged the gap between theoretical learning and Practical Training in a real-life environment.