Department of Computer Science & Engineering, JSS Science And Technology University with its student club – Linux Campus Club  conducted and witnessed a 36 hour hackathon named HackElite’19 on 9th and 10th of November 2019 at its Golden Jubilee Bhavan, with the gracious presence of the Mysuru City Corporation Commissioner Mr Gurudatta Hegde, the Vice Chancellor JSS Science and Technology University Mysuru Dr. L Jawahar Nesan , the Dean of JSS Science and Technology University Dr. T N Nagabhushan. Head Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering Dr. M P Pushpalatha and along with a strong team of industry professionals from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The ceremony was inaugurated by Mr. Gurudatta along with all the dignitaries. The Head of Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering Dr. M P Pushpalatha welcomed the gathering. The chief guest, Mr Gurudatta Hegde spoke encouraging words to all participants highlighting how technology serves as the backbone of our society and as a government servant he witnesses a lot of problems on a day to day basis when dealing with public welfare projects. He then mentioned about the big gap between the government’s intent and results, from better complaint issue platforms to water supply to all using the best smart solutions possible. This being a stage for students to apply their intuitive minds in solving such real world issues as a way to give back to the society.

He concluded on a very true note highlighting the fact that in spite of efficiency short comings in governmental activities, a new team of young government force are making sure to deal with them every day, giving way for the much-awaited change to arrive.

The event was supported by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme -III, Convergent Solutions, Byju’s along with various food partners.  The Hackathon was convened by Dr. M P Pushpalatha, Head, Department of Computer Science & Engineering and Coordinated by Dr. Anil Kumar K.M, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering.

35 teams were shortlisted for the hackathon after initial screening. Teams were allowed to work on problems related to Smart campus parking, Development of BOT for answering user queries, secure transit intruder detection system, Smart Datacenter, Disaster management solution and Donor management system.

The participants were mentored and periodically reviewed by team members from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The design thinking skills of the participants were tested. The main objective of the mentors was to improve upon the Minimum Viable Product as per the problem requirements. Overall, mentoring helped the participants to increase the technical skills and with peer learning to productize their ideas. Finaly the emphasis was also given to product presentation skills of the participants.

After the final evaluation, students from The National Institute of Engineering (NIE), Mysuru comprising of Ram Prasad E Naik, Shithij Rai and Sai Ayachit won the first place and cash prize of Rs 75,000. Varun P, Raghav Roy, Aayush Naik and Arjun Chengappa students from PES University, Bengaluru, secured second place and cash prize of Rs 50,000.  The prizes were distributed by Dr. M S Prabhuswamy, i/c Principal, Dr. M P Pushpalatha, Dr. Anil Kumar K.M, Mr.  Achyuthan Panduranga and Mr. Kumar Swamy.

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