NeoGene is an annual techno-cultural fest of the department of Biotechnology, JSS S&TU, which has been conducted since 2004. This fest is conducted with the intention of bringing students with various interests to come under a single canopy of Biotechnology and promote interdisciplinary work. The events conducted include Themed Photography, Flash Race, Inauguration, NeoQuiz and the ever popular Food Fiesta from 19th Mar to 23rd Mar 2019.

Neogene 2019 kicked off with “Themed Photography”. The event began on 19th March and went on till 23rd March. The theme for the event was “spring season”, the students participating were required to capture pictures related to the topic. This enabled the students to absorb the beauty of nature and spread their positivity around. An overwhelming response was received. The snaps captured were evaluated by a professional photographer. Three contestants were picked out as winners based on focus, aperture, contrast, color, saturation and aspect ratio. A short fun event called ‘Complete the painting’ was conducted on the same day intending to promote the fest.

On 20th March, a more enthralling and enthusiastic game called ‘Flash race’, which excited the participants with mind-boggling riddles, and hurdles. The participants who reached the final line first was decided as the winner of the game. Participants cracked the clues, jumped the hurdles and raced towards the finish line with zealous energy.

The official inauguration of NeoGene was on 21st March 2019. Dr. B. R. Pai Chairman and Managing Director, VWF Industries, Pvt Ltd, was invited as Chief Guest.  Prof K. S. Lokesh, Registrar, JSS S&TU, Prof T. N. Nagabhushan, Principal, JSS S&TU, Prof N. Haraprasad, Deputy Registrar, JSS S&TU were guest of honor Prof. B.G sangameshwara, Vice-chancellor, JSS S& TU presided over, and Dr. M.N. Nagendra Prasad, HOD and faculty of Department of Biotechnology were present.

Chief Guest, Dr. B. R. Pai, created a wave of energy among the students. Importance of health care systems was stressed upon. He pointed out a few application-based ideas for Biotechnology and stressed upon the fact that there is no wealth without health in a comprehensive manner. His unspeakable energy was indeed viral and period of laughter and witty points was thoroughly enjoyed. Prof K.S. Lokesh and Prof. T. N. Nagabhushan emphasized on the importance of biotechnology in today’s world and encouraged everyone to look into future aspects and applications. Concepts linking Machine Learning and Biology were also discussed.

 Prof B. G. Sangameshawara gave the presidential address and he wished for the success of NeoGene, motivated everyone to continue the legacy and take part in all NeoGene activities. The ceremony concluded with Vote of Thanks.

On 22nd March, the most awaited, ever-popular event- Food Fiesta was organized. It was inaugurated by guests from Radisson Blue, R Suraj, chief executive chef, and Ravi Kumar, chef. This event encouraged students to test their entrepreneurial skills and their taste buds all under the same roof. Students from various colleges participated. Various dishes ranging from pani puri, pasta, refreshing juices, momos, cupcakes, sweets, and unique flavored drinks were sold. The whole event was powered by Mysuru Foodie. The crowd was thrilled and amazed by the creative ways the dishes were presented. Winners were decided by the chef, based on taste, presentability in three categories namely, sweet, savory and most sold.

On 23rd March, a general quiz called NeoQuiz was organized. The quiz consisted of 5 rounds: Preliminary Round, Pounce, Logo round, Audio- Visual round and Pick it. Thirty teams of students from different branches of JSS Science and Technology and other colleges in Mysuru participated. They won a cash prize and exclusive coupons.

The fest concluded with a valedictory function on 23rd March, following the NeoQuiz. It was an informal function which included cultural performances by first-year and second-year students of the branch. It also included fun events. Prizes were distributed to all the event winners by HOD and the faculty. A skit on “women empowerment” by second-year students was a highlight of the function. The function culminated with a vote of thanks.













































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