CS/IS Seminar Hall - I


A special lecture by
Dr. K.S. Hareesha Professor, Dept. of Computer Applications Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal

Technological advances in the recent days have made a significant impact on the teaching-learning practices. Especially, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is set to play a bigger role in the near future. Using VR in education provides benefits by just experiencing passively, an immersive experience without distractions with the learning brings a lot of confidence. However, for the education sector, VR is an opportunity to finally connect with both learners and teachers in a novel and meaningful way. Today, VR can enable experiential learning by simulating real-world environments. Students would be excited to use virtual reality and can test their skills, record their work and interact with experts all within VR that might help to improve learning outcomes and cognitive memory. The talk would give a brief overview of the technology and few use cases to get insight of the technology usage.

Venue:  CS/IS Seminar Hall – I Date & Time: 12.06.2019 @12.00 Noon
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