‘KPIT Sparkle 2022’ program

We are happy to inform you that KPIT Technologies Ltd. Pune is conducting ‘KPIT Sparkle 2022’. The theme for KPIT Sparkle is “Mobility and Energy for Future” and sub theme “Covie-19 safe mobility.

The objectives of this event is as under:

  1. To spread the culture of innovation at grassroots level and inculcate innovative thinking to identify and solve a real-life use-case/problem by developing a solution
  2. To give an opportunity of rising up to indigenous solutions to the problems faced by our country within the areas of Mobility and Energy
  3. To encourage students to generate IP and facilitate them to secure their intellectual property
  4. To provide faculty of academic institutions a hands-on experience on problem solving and strengthening the student – mentor bond.
  5. To encourage students to become entrepreneurs
  6. To facilitate incubation across India

For this purpose, the dates for registration, Eligibility criteria, Participation & Selection Process etc. are mentioned in the KPIT Sparkle 2022 E-Booklet, attached. 

We hope your institution will take maximum advantage of this event. For this, it is requested that this information be adequately publicized among your faculty and students to participate in the above event. There will be no financial liability both for students and institutions.

PFA:- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EG1PdzEPcPGEEqplzpowwtmFhmZBZ2bg/view?usp=sharing


Circular and Advisory note for students and parents

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