National Conference Beyond Vision 2020

DR APJ ABDUL KALAM international foundation by House of Kalam Rameswaram has been in the forefront for the past 4 years, launching and working towards various welfare schemes after the demise of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. The people associated with him, be his family or his peers or be it his well wishers, every one of them have kept his dreams alive by working for the uplifment of the society. The Beyond Vision 2020 which he had put forth for the country to take the path towards a developed nation has been the dream goal of the people associated with AKIF. In keeping up with his expectations and working tirelessly, the team has earned the goodwill of the people and many more joined to render their service to the nation.

As his birth anniversary is approaching, every commemoration of his has been orchestrated in such a way that it involves the student community. To encourage them to explore not just science and related fields, but also sensitizing them to various aspects of the environment; their interaction with the society and also to respect the culture, diversity and love for our country, every programme and event had been dedicated to the above said details.

This year too, events have been conducted in schools and colleges. We would also be gearing up for a conference, the theme of which is “Beyond 2020 – Digital Transformation for All”. An important aspect which our country has endorsed with tremendous growth in technology is the digitalization of our day to day affairs. The digital revolution is such a success story, that it had bridged the gap between the remote and the mainstream cities. It has largely helped business models to thrive. But to reap the benefits of the new technology, our system should be ready for transformation. A strategy has to be developed to endorse this change as well as get more citizens to acquire the required skills and expertise. A road map should be laid for this vision and meticulous planning can help put our country on track. India, being one of the digitally advanced countries, challenges in the form of cyber security has to be addressed too.

The digitization would help in further Revolutionize the field of agriculture, healthcare, education, retail, business establishments and governance. Hence, we thought it would be the right time to discuss and draw a coherent strategy to achieve this aspect of Dr. Kalam’s Vision 2020. Everyone including the citizens, industrialists along with the government machinery can put up a joint effort to bring in the transformation.

This year we had called for papers to be published towards this theme. We would also like to have your valuable inputs based on the same.

Let’s join hands to make this event a grand success and to realize the dream of our People’s President. This way, we would pay a befitting homage to one of the distinguished; most loved and respected citizen of our country.

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