Awareness of NEAT (Personalized and Customized Learning)

National Educational Alliance for Technology (NEAT) is a Public-Private Partnership model between the Government (through its implementing agency AICTE) and the Education Technology Companies of India. NEAT facilitates enhancement of the employability skills among students by collaborating with Education Technology Companies.

NEAT Portal is developed to bring the best technological solutions in education technology for enhancing the employability of the youth. These solutions are using Artificial Intelligence for a personalized and customized learning experience for better learning outcomes, and skill development in the niche areas.

It is our pleasure to inform you that the first phase of NEAT Portal has been launched by Honorable Minister of Human Resources Development on 12 th January 2020 and 41 products from 13 Education Technology Companies have been finalized. All the product with their description are available in the below link:

It is directed to the Institute to circulate the scheme among the students and faculty for awareness of NEAT and kindly go through the attachments and encourage your students/faculty to register on the NEAT Portal.

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